Sunday, February 26, 2012

My New Chair

Got this baby at Walmart -

Comes in all kinds of colors -

The seat -

Is a TRACTOR seat - ;))

And large enough -

To fit my larger than usta be-hind!!

I got tired of my old chair -

Sitting so low -

That -

Even WITH a pillow -

“The Girls” rested on my desk -

(Had to call them “The Girls” -
Not sure if you can say “BOoBs” -
On a blog - or not - if you can’t -
We can just pretend that BOB -
Spelled her name wrong - ;))

Anyway -

This chair goes up much higher than my old one -

And it slides/glides on the laminated floor -

Real well -

Sometimes a little TOO well -

Gotta make sure I hold onto the sides -

When I sit down -

Or it’s liable to leave without me! ;))

I LOVE IT!! ;))

And - it’s RED!! ;))

I couldn’t show it to you -

Before I showed you Orca Bay RED -

Didn’t want you getting any ideas - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. It looks pretty, but is it comfy to sit in after a while? Not being padded seems like it could be a drawback...but I like it! And I giggled about your girls. (My old chair was probably that low, but my "girls"...well, they're the only part of me that can still shop in the girls complaints, though!)

  2. Katie - it is VERY comfy - I had to go back to look at your new chair - didn't look like it had a cushion - but guess it does. Tractor seats aren't padded to my knowledge but guys seem to be able to sit them for quite a while - so I took a chance - and I LIKE it!! ;))

  3. I'm thinking I may have to visit Walmart! I have the 'traditional' rolling office chair and sometimes I use pillow to raise it higher. Love the red, BTW

  4. Ahh, red is my favorite color! LOVE the chair. Looks comfy and kind of modern, even tho it's a tractor seat. Great find! :o)

  5. My train of thought: No cushion? Well, that's ok, I can't sit still for more than about a minute, anyway! I love your new chair! I wish my "better half" would tolerate such boldness!!!! Maybe someday....


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