Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Pink Squirrel - on the wall -

Oooh - I LIKE it!! - ;))

I got them all stitched up - trimmed - paper off - and put them on the wall. I tweaked the pattern a little - used ONE polka dot - the WHITE with PINK polka dots - because the name of the block is Pinwheel Polka - and I switched up the values in some areas. When I put them up on the wall - the GREEN seemed to be the first color that I saw - and since I used two different GREENs - I tried to get the same one in both of the center blocks. I used several different PINKs - so I tried to group them the best I could - ;))

And - I tried to match the colored version that I had worked up in EQ7 when I tweaked the pattern - but forgot that it would be REVERSED when it was pieced. Gads, you would think that I would have enough experience REVERSING things that I would have remembered that - oh, well - I made it work ;))

Next time I might tweak the pattern again so that - except for the corners where the WHITE/GREEN sections meet - I don't have to match any points - ;))

And as a side note -

Do any of you remember the song by Brian Hyland -
"Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini"? - ;))

What was yellow? -

The bikini -

Or the polka dots? - ;))

Me? - I always thought it was the polka dots -

But then again, it's probably just me - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I try to double and triple check directions of piecing but, more than I like, I need to do some un-sewing. Maybe my mind is having a left-right problem because my current project got marked over so many times it was hard to figure out the correct line to sew. Your squirrel is swinging along!

    1. Thanks, Julie - I wasn't paying attention when I marked the foundation papers - I should have "reversed" the colors then - but like they say -"Make one mistake and it looks like a mistake - make several and it becomes a design choice." I'm pretending that I intended to do it that way all along - ;))

  2. Striking design. I love your color choices.

    1. Thanks, Karen - when I saw Peggy demonstrate this pattern - I remembered that I had a "white with pink polka dots" in my stash - and thought of a "girly pink/green" combo. When I found the "green with pink flowers" - I was halfway there - just needed to find some pinks - and I have a bunch of pinks. And I lucked out - it actually looks as good on the wall as it did in my head - ;))

  3. hmm... On American Bandstand, the little girl was in what appears to be a bikini with yellow polka dots,(but it is a black/white broadcast) but on Hyland's Album cover "Stay and Love me all Summer" the bikini is yellow with ???white?? polka dots. So I suppose it is your choice of interpretation.
    I like your version of the block.

    1. Thanks, Gene - every time I heard that song - I always imagined "Yellow Polka Dots on a White Bikini" for some reason. I found the lyrics link and the video from American Bandstand - and since it is in black/white - I really can't tell. Didn't think to check out the album cover - thanks for the clarification - ;))


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