Saturday, January 17, 2015

Finally sewing something -

Yesterday I made the Heart -
From scraps that I had left over from my sampler quilt -
LHQSQ - Left Handed Quilter Sampler quilt -
See the page/tab above -

I found a bag of scraps for that top -
So I decided to sort through them -
And separate the colors from the neutrals -
And then Foundation Paper Piece the Heart - ;))

I have a full-blown tutorial on How I Do It -
Backwards - HERE -
It is also listed on the LHQ - Construction page/tab at the top of my blog -
LHQ - Foundation Paper Piecing
Check it out - ;))

I was asked once why I bother to do it -
The way that I do -

To me - my way is intuitive -
AND I like the WYSIWYG factor -
What You See Is What You Get - ;))

Here’s a quick - and - dirty (kinda) version -

Lay out a bunch of fabric scraps -
For a general idea of what goes where -

The corner (fourth section) will be “fussy cut” later -

And it would help -
If I sewed the “right sides” together -

So redo that -
And stitch together a couple strips -
For the third section -

Stitch together some scraps -
For the second section

Do the same for the first section -
And check for fit -

Lay out section 2 - face up -
With the foundation paper on top -

Fold the foundation back on the line -

Trim it 1/4” past the line -

Lay out section 1 - face up -
Sorry for the blurry picture -
Guess I was in a hurry -

Move section 2 to the top of the foundation -
Put section 1 on top of both of them - right sides together -

Flip it over and stitch on the line -

Flip it over to the right side and press -

Flip it back over to the paper side -

Fold the paper back on line #3 -

Trim it 1/4” past the line -

Flip to the fabric side -
Lay out section 3 - face up -

Put section 3 on top of section 2 - right sides together -

Flip it over and stitch on the line -

Flip it over to the right side and press -

Flip is back over to the paper side -

Trim it 1/4” past the line -

Flip to the fabric side -
Lay out section 4 - face up -

Put section 4 on top of section 3 - right sides together -

Flip it over and stitch on the line -
Then -
Flip it back to the right side and press -

Check to see that the entire Heart is covered -

Center it on a square of muslin - face down -

Stitch completely around it -
Starting on a flat area on the side -

Trim all the way around -
Trim the point -
Clip the “V” -

Remove the paper -

Cut a slit in the muslin -
Being careful not to cut the Heart -

Turn it inside out -
Press it -
And Voila -
What You See Is What You Get - ;))

As a side note -
I sew my labels to a piece of muslin -
The same way -
So there are no edges to “turn under” -
When I get to the “sewing on the label” part - ;))

On the “Organizing” front -
The boxes worked out nicely -
To hold the computer game CDs and DVDs -
That Grandpa wanted the boys to have -
So I got the rest of those together - ;))

And today I want to play with these - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I love your cute little heart. Your method makes perfect sense, of course. What are you going to do with your cute hearts? I am in the mood for a heart project...don't know if I'll have time, but I am in the mood.

    1. Thanks, Karen - I make "hearts" from the scraps of each of my quilts before I put the left over fabric back in my stash or scrap bins. One day I want to use them all in a "memory quilt' - but I haven't decided exactly what I want to do yet. Follow the link to my post on FPP - it explains more about my "plan" - ;))

  2. Ha ha.....I have seen it done that way, but it makes my head hurt. As I say "do whatever works for you."

    1. Haha - there IS a lot of flipping back and forth - but you do that with the "other" method, too - so both ways can make your head hurt. And on my page/tab of various "Rules" - #2 is "Do what works for you!" - so I do - and "My" way makes sense to me - ;))

  3. that's how I prepare for applique on the extremely rare occasion that I actually DO applique.....

    1. It's a great way to eliminate having to turn under edges - that's for sure! - ;))


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