Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Some new stuff -

Is not always planned - ;))

I was moving right along and got the first four columns of Upstairs/Downstairs together Sunday - and somehow messed up my camera. It has a black spot in the middle of the left side of the "photo". I tried cleaning it with a Q-tip but I think I may have scratched the lens -

You can see it in the middle left block - the third diagonal YELLOW square has a spot on it -

You can see it better in this one -

And it doesn't "move" - which is what makes me think that I scratched the lens -

I told a friend that I spent Monday trying to find a simple "point-and-shoot" camera online for cheap. Found one at Sam's Club - should be here by the end of the week. Going to have to "stall" and maybe post some "spotted" photos - until I can get the new camera and figure out how it works and then how to download photos - should be fun - not - ;))

And no - I don't have a smartphone - just a landline. Don't need one - I'm usually home. I've had my digital camera for so long I'm probably lucky I didn't mess it up before now. I got the most basic "point-and-shoot" that I could find. All I want/need is a SIMPLE one to take photos for my blog - any other photos can be taken by someone else on their phone - haha - ;))

Spent Tuesday doing "chores" - bills and paperwork -

Then today - Wednesday - the FedEx guy delivered my new camera -

And I spent most of the day messing playing with it - ;))

It came with a wrist strap and a case which was nice -

But no USB cord like my old one -

And it has a memory card instead of an internal memory -

So I read the "quick start" and charged the battery while I tried to figure out if I needed to order a USB cord or if I had to download the photos to my computer some other way. The "quick start" didn't address downloading the photos at all - and that's the whole point of getting a digital camera to take photos for my blog - Duh!! -

So I had to go find the "real" owner's manual for the camera (online) -

Then I looked for the owner's manual for my computer (online) to find out where they hid the memory card reader that I have never had to use before - hoping that it had one - which it does - thankfully. And I never would have found it without the manual - they hid it on the "front" of my computer - and I kept trying to find it on one of the sides - silly me - ;))

THEN - the website said I had to download some software to my computer - which I did - but my computer wouldn't let me install it without "admin" rights - so I had to "switch users" to my "admin" account - and then I couldn't find the downloaded file - it was in the other "user's" folder - UGH!!!

I figured out a "work-around" - got the software installed - and took a couple of test photos - and it all seems to work - differently - but it works -

Right about then I REALLY wanted to take a nice long nap - but I didn't - ;))

Anyway - here are the test shots -

If I compare that last shot above - taken with the new camera - to the one below - taken with the old camera - the colors with the new camera are clearer and more "true" - so I think I'm going to like it - a LOT - ;))

Haven't told you guys yet about my new laptop (Win 10) that I have had for months and haven't even plugged in yet. After my "fun" today - it might be another couple of months before I have the patience energy to mess play with it -

But then again -

I might tackle it next week -

Just to get it over with - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Downstairs - Upstairs - Part 2 -

The 36 blocks were put up on the design wall -

In no particular order -

Just alternated Downstairs - Upstairs -

Then I moved the last column on the right to the first column on the left -

To see if Upstairs - Downstairs would be more pleasing to my eye - ;))

They are both symmetrical and they both look good to me -

But I kinda like the Upstairs - Downstairs better -

And I don't really know why -

Unless it's because the corners look more "finished" to me -

And don't just go off into nowhere-land like the first one - ;))

What do you think? - Do you like one better than the other? -

If so - why? - ;))

I may or may not fiddle with switching the blocks around -

Sometimes I think that it really won't matter - and if the colors are lumped together - oh, well - it will look just fine - "blendy" in spots and "pops" in others -

And I have two extra - if I want to play with rearranging them - ;))

The patches are only 1" square so the blocks measure 6-1/2" and will finish at 6" -

Which makes this 6x6 layout only 36" square -

I could make it 10x12 for a 60" x 72" -

But that would need another 84 blocks -

And I have other Squirrels that I want to chase -

So I don't think this one is going to get any larger -

At least not today - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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