Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Better late than never -

Santa tried really hard to get me one last goodie in time for Christmas -

But it got hung up at a UPS distribution center in Oregon -

And sat there ALL Christmas weekend -

From the Friday night before Christmas -

Until the Tuesday morning after -

When it began to move again -

And it finally got delivered to me last Thursday night - December 29 -

Just in time for me to play with it before the New Year began - so -

Better late than never - ;))

And it's been a long time coming -

What is "it"? -

"It" is a prototype for a brand-new specialty ruler -


Designed for US -

To use to cut HST units and QST units -


A LEFT-HANDED Right Triangle Ruler -

Or a LEFT-Triangle - as some would call it -

Designed by me -

A Left-Handed Quilter™ -

And Made in the U.S.A. -

I call it LEFT-EZE™ Rule -

Because we do - ;))

I used it to make the stuff that I showed on my design wall yesterday -
Some HST units -
And some Hourglass Blocks made using QST units -
And some Flying Geese made using both HST units & QST units -
A new project for the New Year - ;))

I'm not going to show you a photo of the ruler yet - because it's only a prototype - and it's not available for sale yet - but it will be soon - ;))

I played with it a little - and want to play with it a bit more - and take photos as I go along - for future posts. I also have some beta-testers lined up who have agreed to test it for me. I want their feedback in case I need to make any modifications to the design before I actually order some to sell to you guys - ;))

Some of you have listened to me complain about rulers for years - well, I finally decided to quit complaining and to design my own. Most of the rulers I have come across in my 40 years of quilting (since 1976) are designed for Right-Handed quilters - and that's great - but I am NOT Right-Handed -

I am A Left-Handed Quilter - and I'm just plain sick and tired of having to compensate for that - of having to "just reverse it" - of having to "flip" rulers in order to use it Left-Handed - and of having the lines and/or numbers go the wrong way and/or be upside-down and/or backwards -

So No More Flippin' Rulers! -

This new ruler is LEFT-HANDED - and designed for US!! -

LEFT-EZE™ Rule -

And if you're Right-Handed - you can "just reverse it" - LOL - ;))

I started with a Triangle because that's the one that gives me the most trouble -

Better late than never - ;))

I have a whole lot of work to do yet - right now I'm just a quilter with an idea and a prototype. I don't even have a business set up yet - so I need to do all of that - set up another blog for my "shop" - so this one can still be about my "quilting" life - and I don't bore you with "buy me" crap - write up some instructions - work up some tutorials - and maybe a couple of patterns - and a bunch of other stuff - and all of that takes time - so please be patient. It's coming - I'm working on it - ;))

I am SOOOOOO excited that I couldn't keep it a secret any longer -

It's my very special project -

And I hope you like it - when you finally see it -

And that you will want to buy one - ;))

I know I'm probably crazy for wanting to start a new business at my age - I'll be 70 next summer - but then I think back to what my Dad said when I told him that I wanted to go back to college -

"But, Dad, I'll be 40 before I graduate!" -

He said -
"Honey, you're going to be 40 anyway - whether you go back to school or not." -

I went back to school - got my degree at 39 -

Turned 40 that summer and got my CPA license at 43 -

SO - I'm going to be 70 anyway - whether I do this or not - haha - ;))

I figure I'll either sell a gazillion or I'll sell two -

Either way - this New Year is going to be a FUN one!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, January 2, 2017

Design Wall Monday - 1/2/17

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. -
At Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

On my wall today -

Some HST units -
And some Hourglass Blocks made using QST units -
And some Flying Geese made using both HST units & QST units -
A new project for the New Year - ;))

Before the end of the year -

I got the backing made for the Christmas Table Mat - and did the stitch-in-the-ditch part - it still needs FMQ and binding -

I got the backing made for the matching Christmas Table Topper -

And I got it fuse/basted and stabilized last night -
It still needs to be quilted -

And I was able to quilt and bind ONE more for 2016 -

My Watercolor Heart -

Now it's DONE - and it matches the Watercolor Wreath on the wall in my fabric room - the one I used for the photo at the top of my right sidebar. The lighting isn't as good in the photo below - so the colors look faded - but the fabrics are the same in both quilts -

It had been sitting in the pile waiting to be quilted since I made its twin in 1996 -

Yeah - I know - that's 20 years! - I think I told you guys that I have some REALLY OLD UFOs/Projects/Squirrels - so don't feel bad if you have some that have been sitting around for two/three/four years - several of mine are much older than that -

It was partially hand-quilted but since my hand-quilting/sewing days are long gone - I had to finish it by machine. I used my walking foot to do some straight stitching down the middle of the squares - redrew the stencil markings in the corners - then tried to FMQ along the lines. I made some booboos - but they don't show that much - and since the blue marking pencil lines all washed out - you can't really tell where I missed the line - and I'm fine with that.

I think that makes 16 finishes for 2016 - so that's not too bad -

The rest of the pile of "practice pieces" will have to wait until I get to it -

Because for the next couple of months - I will be spending most of my time on a very special project -

And I'll tell you all about that tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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