Friday, August 23, 2019

Autumn Trees - bound -

Finally!! -

But it took me two tries -

And most of the week - ;))

Round 1 -

I made some "flanged binding" -

And decided to try to stabilize the edges by tacking down the tulle with a 3-step zig-zag on some chalk lines that I drew on the back - because it was easier to draw them on the back than on the tulle on the front - missed it by a bit the first time on this side - and had to do it a second time - LOL -

Then I tried to use the chalk lines on the back as baselines to line up the binding when I sewed it to the back -

I didn't want to trim it until AFTER I sewed on the binding - because I didn't want to risk cutting the tulle and letting the confetti fall out - LOL -

Added some corner triangles for hanging - and stitched it down - then had to un-sew it all since it wasn't even close to being straight or the corners square -

So - Round 2 -

This time I drew the lines on the front - as straight and as square as I could -
Inside the 3-step zig-zag lines since I didn't want to un-sew them -

I used whatever color of chalk - yellow or blue -
That I needed to make it show up on the tulle -

And sewed a single straight line along the drawn lines -

Used that stitched line as the baseline to sew the binding to the back -

Trimmed it - looks straight enough and the corners are square - LOL -

And wouldn't you know - I cut a corner on the binding when I trimmed it - CRAP! -
But it was on the inside/flange part -
So I was able to hide it in the inside when I mitered that corner - WHEW! -

Folded the binding to the front and stitched it down -

I used the same fabric as the backing for the binding -
The flange is the gold fabric that you see in the previous photos -

The binding is a little wider on the front than it is on the back - but that's OK -
The tulle is stitched down TWICE so I don't think the confetti is going anywhere -

The top right corner is the one that I accidentally cut -
But it's hidden so you wouldn't know it was under there if I didn't tell you -

And - unfortunately - I lost that second little tree on the right - but I think it's worth it to have the tulle super-tacked down all the way around - next time I'll try not to put a tree that close to the edge - you can see a little of it peeking out from under the flange -

I LOVE the effect of the "falling leaves" -
MANY THANKS to Katie for the suggestion -
And to ALL of you who gave me some great input along the way -

Over-all - it doesn't look too bad for a first try - ;))

Now I have to make a label -

A Scrap Card - that should be fun - LOL -

A Heart for my Memory Quilt -

And work up a Scrapbook Page -

Then I can call it DONE - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, August 15, 2019

Autumn Trees -

Is quilted - finally - ;))

I let it sit for almost a week because I lost my mojo -

I guess I ran out of gas tweaking it for what seemed like f.o.r.e.v.e.r. - LOL -

Anyway - I played with it this afternoon - to see how far I could go -

I didn't do anything fancy -

Just some loops and swirls to try to tack down the confetti -

And some of it seemed to have a life of its own -

No matter how I tried - some bits did NOT want to stay put - LOL - ;))

And it amazes me that the black tulle -

Is virtually invisible -

Unless you see it up close and personal - ;))

Noriko Endo - in her book - adds some highlights to the sides of the trees -

But I'm not that good yet -

And I don't want to mess it up -

So I think I'll pass on that step for this one -

I'll cut some binding tomorrow -

And see if I can get it bound and labeled in the next day or two -

I have some other Squirrels that I want to chase - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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