Monday, March 19, 2018

Six Deep Red Crumb Squares down -

Ten more to go -

For the center of my Deep Red Crumb Squares -

Then it needs the setting triangles and corners cut -

While I'm already planning the next one - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crumb piecing - bits and pieces -

Can be sewn together a number of different ways - ;))

You can sew bit to bit - use strips - or not -

Only ONE piece needs a straight edge -

And even at that - you can "eyeball" a straight line if you want to -

There are NO RULES - ;))

I finished up the last four "Crumb" blocks that I needed for my Deep Red Crumb Squares - gotta love the little pink elephant -

And was going to sew the "Crumb" blocks together today -

But then thought that I would show how "I" sew odd-ball bits/pieces instead - ;))

This plastic bin is full of the "cut-offs" from previously made "crumb" blocks -

Anything less than 3/4" is really too small/narrow to use -

Since 1/2" is taken up with seam allowances -

But I found these little bits/pieces and they are still usable -

Although they may not look like it at first glance -

I also have some 1" squares in a basket that can be used -

Some "larger" crumbs in another basket -

And a bunch of bits/pieces sewn together in various shapes and sizes -

I'll take this bunch and sort them -

Into piles of similar shapes and sizes -

Here's one "almost up to size" - it goes in another pile -

So - back to the bits/pieces - I'll show you how I use this stack of four -

They are mostly triangular shaped but have a curved edge - which makes them look unusable -

But they make great "corners" for some of my other bits/pieces -

Flip the top one over - and I can follow the "straight edge" of the top piece -

Same with this one -

And this one -

So I can sew these three - chain piecing - one right after the other -

And the fourth one can go with this bit/piece -

All four sewn -

And clipped apart - and pressed open -

Take them to my little cutting mat next to the sewing machine -
And trim the left side for a "straight edge" -

Then this one -

And the other side -

And this one - the left side first -

Then across at an angle because they don't quite line up -
And I like them wonky -

Then this one -

Left side -

Trim the other "tail" -

And there you go -

Four more little bits/pieces to go on the piles with their friends who are similar shape and size -

The seam allowance on this one was a little too big -

But a quick trim with the scissors fixed it -

Then there are these guys -

The brown one will make a good corner for this bit -

And the orange one seems to fit this one -

I may lose some of the smaller bits in the seam allowance -
And I may "un-stitch" some of them to re-sew to a larger piece -
But I'll decide that when I get there -
Because I pretty much make it all up as I go along -

So - for now - I'll just keep on keepin' on -

Sewing bits to bits - or to strips -

Whichever strikes my fancy - because there are NO RULES -

And I am in no danger of running out of "Crumbs" - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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