Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Test blocks -

Blocks #1 and #2 -

For my Jiffy Jelly™ Quilt -

The FREE Pattern by Moda - HERE -

Each strip gives me enough pieces to make two blocks -

And I need to switch out the middles with those from another strip -

So I made a "design decision" - LOL - to cut them in pairs and make sets of 4 -

That way - I can keep the strips folded -

Cut what I need from two strips at a time -

And keep the sets together for sewing 4 blocks at a time -

I have 2 rolls of 20 fabrics each - so the first roll is paired up one way -

The second roll may or may not be paired up the same way -

I'll decide when I get that far -

By that time - I might want to switch it up a little - ;))

One tip though -

When you trim the selvage ends -

Make sure you get BOTH of them on that first cut - LOL -

Because you won't have enough strip left to cut another patch - ;))

I used this one as the center of Block #2 -

I figured that was where it would cause the least amount of trouble - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

A little cutting -

Was the plan for today -

But you know what they say about plans - LOL -

So these guys are in the same place they were yesterday -

Because I got caught up again in monitoring the progress of those fires -

But here's what they are going to be -

Jiffy Jelly™ Quilt - HERE -

I first saw the pattern mentioned on Alamosa Quilter - HERE -

Then followed the links to the FREE Pattern by Moda - HERE -

I like the part where the pattern uses up most of the strip -

So - maybe tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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