Saturday, June 23, 2018

Playing with the corner -

After I let BOB make some Banana Bread Muffins this morning to keep her quiet -

I re-stitched all of the ends of the seams on the last row to secure them -

And laid it out on the ironing pad on the kitchen island -

It's not even pressed yet - and it looks pretty good -

The side triangle replacement looks much better now -

And the other side was re-stitched - so it's looking good, too -

And - because I CAN - I twisted the seam allowance on the ends so the GREEN triangles are pressed to the BLUE - and will lay flat when I sew on the last row -

I don't mind a bit of seam flipping done ON PURPOSE if it helps me out - since there always seems to be some that are flipped whether I want them to be or not - LOL -

And that seems to get the corner ready for the last row -

BUT - What the ---- ?!?!? -

How did I NOT notice this yesterday?!?!? -

This side looks OK -

But this side is WAAY OFF -

OK - back to the drawing board -

Un-sew the corner triangle -

Center the middle sashing strip on a couple of grid lines to keep it straight -

Pin the center of the corner triangle on the same grid line -

Pin the left side -

Pin the right side -

And then pin that sucker to death so it does NOT shift on me again - LOL - ;))

Tomorrow I'll finish it up -


AFTER making the Banana Bread Muffins -

And BEFORE I started playing with the corner -

I got sidetracked with checking out the Comment/Email fix that Gene said he found on Jeanna's blog -


Go check it out - Jeanna explains it really well - in this post -

I had to do it twice before it worked - but it worked!!

The FIRST time I "Deleted" my email address and clicked "Save Settings" -
but it was still there when I went to add it back.

The SECOND time I clicked on "Remove" my email address instead -
THAT worked!! - ;))

I didn't see the "Remove" the first time through -
Guess it DID have a purpose - LOL - ;))

Then I tried to figure out how to put back the "Recaptcha" that I took off when I decided to "moderate" my comments. I thought I had it - but it showed up with an error message - invalid site key.

I have two - don't know why - so then I tried the other one - and that didn't work either.

I forgot how I set it up and couldn't find my notes - so with Jeanna's help I got it figured out -

Blogger Dashboard -
It's NOT in Layout -
It's in Settings and semi-hidden -

Settings -
Posts, Comments and Sharing -
Comments -
Comment location
Your choices are Embedded - Full Page - and Popup Window -

As soon as I changed it to Popup Window -

The “Prove you are not a robot.” magically appeared –

There was no need for a “gadget” or "HTML code" or "site key" -


How cool is that? - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, June 22, 2018

Off the wall -

And on the kitchen island to "evaluate" - ;))

Grab a cup of coffee - this is a "process" post - ;))

Yup - looks kinda lumpy -

Maybe it will "press out" - LOL - ;))

Starting in the middle - and since I have a "dry" iron - spritzing some water on one section and pressing (not ironing) my way to each side - my version of "blocking" -

Left side looks OK -

And so does the Right side -

Move to the top section -
Spritz - press - Right side looks OK -

Left corner is not perfect - but close enough -

Move to the bottom section -

Right side looks a little wavy -

But it "pressed out" -

And then there's this corner -

I think I found the problem - LOL - ;))

Yup - that's not going to "press out" -

Might have something to do with this part - LOL - ;))

Un-stitched that bit of the seam -

And smoothed it out -

Hmmmmmm - that might be the problem - ;))

Yup - if I line it up to sew it back together - it would still be wonky -

And of course it can't be on one of the corners that has ONE seam across the row -

Oh, no - it's one of the "middle" rows with the seams going both directions -

BOB is laughing at me right now - TOLD you so!! - LOL - ;))

So I took off the end row with the one corner block -

And I'll need to replace the side triangle on the next row -

Checked the top section -

Looks straight to me -

The bottom of the center square looks OK, too -

But the LEFT "wing" triangle is WAY OFF -

And the RIGHT one is EVEN WORSE -

OK - check the seams - they BOTH look awful -

No wonder they're off -

Take those apart -

Check the LEFT one - looks straight -
Just needs to be sewn back on STRAIGHT -

The RIGHT one isn't even straight -
No sense bothering to sew that one back on -

The corner triangle looks pretty straight -
So I'll sew it back on when I get to that part -

Check the plastic bin - for the "2 Extra QST from 13" Sq" -
I originally cut 5 squares and got 20 QST but only needed 18 - so had 2 extra -
Good thing - because I need one for this row -

Re-do the row with LOTS of pins this time -

First the one side -
Across the top and down the side that is going to be sewn -

And the other side - same way - across the top and down the side to be sewn -

Stitch them - press them to the BLUE -

The top looks OK -

So I added the corner triangle -

And pressed it up - away from the block -

Laid it out to check to see if it was STRAIGHT -

Bottom looks straight -

LEFT side looks STRAIGHT -

RIGHT side looks STRAIGHT -

But before I sew it back on - I may need to do some trimming -
I'll check again later before I actually sew it -

For now I need to remove that wonky side triangle -

And thank goodness I have a SECOND extra side triangle -

Because this is one of THOSE days - LOL - ;))

Checking to see if I need to trim anything -

I'm measuring 4-1/4" from the Right side of the sashing strip to the Left edge of the block -

The top section looks good -

The bottom section looks good -

But this middle section needs trimming -

Not much - but enough to make a difference in whether or not I get a STRAIGHT seam -

So - sew the NEW side triangle on -

And it looks like it will be just fine -

I'll finish sewing the seam tomorrow -

And then I'll check the ends of all of the seams on the row to make sure that they are "stitched" and not partially unsewn -

Then I should be able to re-sew the corner section back on -

Hope that fixes it - ;))

BOB reminded me of the time I asked my boss why there never seemed to be enough time to do it right - but always enough time to do it over. He stopped questioning how long it took me to do something after that - ;))

Note to self - SLOW DOWN - take your time and do it right the first time - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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