Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Back-up -

Has several different meanings -

And I dealt with three of them this past week - ;))


Back-up #1 -

There's the usual - Back-up my computer - just because - and because I might need/want to transfer some data to a new laptop that I got a couple of months ago. It has the new "Windows" and I haven't even plugged it in yet. I'm not looking forward to all of the NEW/DIFFERENT stuff on it and I have to be in the mood to deal with it - but that "mood" hasn't shown itself lately - (sigh) - ;))

Maybe I could/should look at it as a NEW adventure! Maybe after I take care of Back-up #3 (below) - I can only take so much new "adventure" these days - ;))


Back-up #2 -

I took a break from my Deep Red Crumb Squares to play with some 9-patches for my "next" project - and showed you guys this basket last time -

Well - that basket grew to this - with some of them sewn into "tubes" on the right -

Then I made a couple of "test blocks" -

A 9-patch instead of "crumb" version using some of THAT floral fabric for sashing -

And an "alternate" block using some "three-sies" for the sashing -

Put the one up on the design wall -

And then the other -

And then put them next to each other -

And I don't like it - UGH!! -

It looked SOOOOOOOOOOO much better in my head - LOL - ;))

So I'm going to Back-up and un-sew them and move on to Plan B -

Which I will share when I get there -

It will probably have the same layout but plain sashes and plain squares -
Instead of the 9-patches and "three-sies" - they're just too busy! - ;))


Back-up #3 -

When I was working - I didn't like to be the ONLY one who knew how to do something - I liked having a Back-up in case I got sick or went on vacation or was just too busy. Someone else could/would be able to help me out.

When my husband was alive - he was my Back-up around the house and my Back-up on computer stuff. He was my "tech support" and my go-to guy - and I miss him - Every. Single. Day. It sure would have been nice to have him as a sounding board and helper this past week with this "other" project that I have been working on - but I had help from some family and friends - so I have Back-up of a different kind - ;))

The "other" project is my trying to get PayPal set up -

For my LEFT-EZE Rule™ -

It has turned out to be a little more complicated than I had originally thought -
But I tend to over-think things - so it might just be me - ;))

I sorted through various options and got some of it figured out -

Sales Tax rates - For California - by zip code -
Shipping options - US - Canada - International/other -
Currency - US dollars only - for now -

But - before I can show the "button" on my site -

I still need to mess with "invoicing" -

Printing shipping labels - through PayPal -

And who knows what else - LOL - ;))

So stay tuned -

If you don't hear from me for a couple of days -

It's because I'm a little BUSY - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Slow going -

Is still GOING - right? - ;))

Last week was the last time I sewed a stitch -

I did manage to get the strip sets of three sorted in pairs -

One pair is sewn and pressed - ready to cut -

And some others have already been run through my strip cutter -
I decided not to sew them into "tubes" before I cut them -
The cuts seem to be cleaner if they are "single file" - so to speak -
I'm pinning them in sets and will make the "tubes" later -

But that's about it on the sewing side -

"Life" seems to have been getting in the way lately -

Friday and Saturday - had company visiting -

Sunday - lazy day - didn't do much of anything -

Monday - researched a "project" to be revealed later -

Tuesday - visitors - again - different ones -

Wednesday - more "research" - VERY time consuming -
My project turned out to be more complicated than I thought - UGH -
But I tend to "overthink" stuff - so it's probably just me -

Thursday - figured I better post something before I forget how - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, April 2, 2018

Strip sets -

For my next project started with a bunch of strips all cut -

And sewn into sets of three - ;))

I pressed a few sets open so you could see -

And I COULD run this bottom set through my strip cutter as is -

BUT if I did that -

I would get six three-sies that are the SAME color combination -

And I want more variety than that -

So I have another idea -

What if - ?????? -

I took two sets of three -

Making sure that there were no duplicate fabrics -

And that the BOTTOM fabric of the FIRST set -
Contrasted with the TOP fabric of the SECOND set -

And the BOTTOM fabric of the SECOND set -
Contrasted with the TOP fabric of the FIRST set -

And I sewed the FIRST set to the SECOND set -

And the SECOND set to the FIRST set - to form a TUBE -

Then sub-cut six sections at 1-1/2" each -

Giving me six three-sies -

Take them to my ironing board work station -

And separate the FIRST seam on the FIRST one -
The SECOND seam on the SECOND one -
And the THIRD seam on the THIRD one -
Like I was making a Trip Around The World - but not - ;))

Press those open -

Oops - that second one has one patch that is too short -
And I'll have to fix that - later -

Right now I think I'm on to something - ;))

Flip the last three over -

And separate the FIRST seam on the FIRST one -
The SECOND seam on the SECOND one -
And the THIRD seam on the THIRD one -

Press those open and line them all up -

Now - fold them in half - and take out that top seam -

Voila!! -

Twelve three-sies -

ALL different - ;))

Well - after I fix this guy -

Separate the pieces - and dig through my basket of 1-1/2" squares -

Substitute one for the middle patch -

Put the middle patch in with the crumbs -

And this guy back with his friends -

And I LIKE it!! - ;))

A little bit of "un-sewing" is required -

But I get a WHOLE LOT more variety - ;))

After I get all of the strip sets sewn together - and the "tubes" made - I can take them to my strip cutter and get them cut that way - it will be much faster -

I need 30 blocks and each block has four 9-Patches -

So that's 120 9-Patches with three three-sies per 9-patch = 360 three-sies -

PLUS 80 more for the alternate blocks = 440 total -

Looks like I'll be playing with these and my crumb blocks for a few more days - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Eleven more alternate blocks -

For the Deep Red Crumb Squares are done -

There are four more that go on the top row - but it's too high for me to reach - and you get the idea. The larger size will be 5 Crumb Blocks across the top and 6 down - so I have a few more Crumb Blocks yet to make - ;))

This past week I handed off two of my UFOs to Frog Quilter as a donation to her Quilty Hugs passion -

Go take a look at the FABULOUS quilting she did on Jelly Beans - HERE -

It's been a UFO of mine for years - it was all boxed up but never quite made it to the longarmer. I posted about the top HERE - and the back HERE -

I am sooooooooooo glad that she is going to finish it and find it a good home - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Got the parts -

For 11 more alternate blocks for my Deep Red Crumb Squares -

On the right are the RED squares - 11 sets of 4 @ 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" -

And the RED center squares - 11 @ 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" -

On the left are the "three-sies" - 44 sets of 3 - 1-1/2" x 1-1/2" squares -

For the sash strips - ;))

Tomorrow I'll sort them into 11 sets of 4 -

And play with getting all of the parts together into actual blocks - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Wednesday, March 28, 2018

A little more cutting -

So - while I was in a "cutting" mood -

I got a head start on the next one that I have planned -

Dug out some 10" squares -

Which are more like 9" squares now after pre-washing - LOL -
And - YES - I do pre-wash my 10" squares - but not jelly rolls or charm packs -

Ran them through my strip cutter die -

Then cut the rest of what I needed from some yardage -

We'll see if it looks as good "in real life" as it does in my head -

There are a couple more "projects" that I need to sort out -

Then I can get going on making more Crumb blocks - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Sunday, March 25, 2018

A little cutting -

After I figured out how many more units I need to get my 4x4 Deep Red Crumb Squares up to a 5x6 layout - which should make it a pretty good sized lap quilt -

But I didn't realize that it would require -

14 more Crumb BIG blocks with 4 little ones each - so another 56 Crumb blocks
14 more sets of 4 RED sashes - so another 56 of those
14 more GREEN centers
11 more Alternate blocks with 4 sets of little RED ones - so 44 more of those
11 more RED centers
11 more sets of 4 Crumb sashes with 3 squares each - so another 132 of those

Good grief!! -

The original 4x4 only needed 16 Crumb Squares and 9 Alternate Blocks -

It's like a whole other quilt!! -

I also needed to cut 6 more side triangles - QST -

But surprisingly enough -

I didn't need any additional corners -

Just kidding - 4 corners is still 4 corners - no matter what -

I wanted to see if you were paying attention - LOL - ;))

So - while I'm in a "cutting" mood - I might try to get a head start on the next one that I have planned - see if it looks as good "in real life" as it does in my head. Then I can get going on making more Crumb blocks - ;))

These really are like potato chips -

I can't make just one - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, March 23, 2018

Estimating the Size of Side Triangles and Corners -

For an "on-point" setting -

With NO MATH -

Is easy -

If you think about it for a minute -

Of course, you can always consult a "chart" for exact sizes -

But you can also "eyeball" it -

And go with an estimate -

Especially if you want your blocks to "float" -

Let me explain How I Do It - ;))


I finished up the rest of the Deep Red Crumb Squares blocks and put them all up on the design wall -

Now I need to fill it in with side triangles and the corners -


Here's the bottom left corner -

I know that I need a HST triangle about this big to fill in the corner -

It has to be a Half-Square Triangle (HST) -
Because I want/need the outside edges to be on the straight of grain -
The long diagonal side will be the one sewn to the block -

Because the ruler is RH - it's easier to show you in the top RH corner -
That a 6" square will probably work -
You can also count the squares on the mat -

Since I like to cut them oversize to let my blocks "float" -
I did the MATH and cut my Black and Cheddar ones at 7" -

But I don't have to do any MATH -
I just have to measure my block -

Shortcut - cut your corner squares the same size as your block -
The diagonal will be always be longer than the side of your block -
Your blocks will "float" and you can always trim the corners to size later -

My blocks measure 7-1/2" -
I said before that I cut my Black and Cheddar ones at 7" -
But for this one I want more "float" - so I'm going to cut them at 8" -

So for 4 HST - corner triangles -
I cut 2 squares at 8" and stacked them -
Then cut them on the DIAGONAL - ONCE -


The side triangles need to be Quarter-Square Triangles (QST) -
Because I want/need the outside edges to be on the straight of grain -
The shorter bias edges will be sewn to the blocks -

So - for a side triangle - I'll need a QST - about this big -

Shortcut - measure the diagonal of my block -
The outside edge is roughly the same size as the diagonal measurement -

An 11' square would probably work -
I cut my Black and Cheddar ones at 12" -
But for this one I want more "float" - so I'm going to cut them at 13" -
I can get 3 - 13" squares across the width of fabric - using 39" of 40"-42" WOF -
And 3 squares will give me 12 QST which is what I need -

For 12 QST - side triangles -
I cut 3 squares at 13" and stacked them -
Then cut them on the DIAGONAL - TWICE -

I always put the corners on the wall first so that I don't get them mixed up -
Once the four corners - HST - are accounted for -
The rest are QST side triangles -

I like this one so much I think I want to make it bigger -

There is plenty more red fabric -

And no shortage of crumbs -

So that's my new plan - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, March 19, 2018

Six Deep Red Crumb Squares down -

Ten more to go -

For the center of my Deep Red Crumb Squares -

Then it needs the setting triangles and corners cut -

While I'm already planning the next one - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Crumb piecing - bits and pieces -

Can be sewn together a number of different ways - ;))

You can sew bit to bit - use strips - or not -

Only ONE piece needs a straight edge -

And even at that - you can "eyeball" a straight line if you want to -

There are NO RULES - ;))

I finished up the last four "Crumb" blocks that I needed for my Deep Red Crumb Squares - gotta love the little pink elephant -

And was going to sew the "Crumb" blocks together today -

But then thought that I would show how "I" sew odd-ball bits/pieces instead - ;))

This plastic bin is full of the "cut-offs" from previously made "crumb" blocks -

Anything less than 3/4" is really too small/narrow to use -

Since 1/2" is taken up with seam allowances -

But I found these little bits/pieces and they are still usable -

Although they may not look like it at first glance -

I also have some 1" squares in a basket that can be used -

Some "larger" crumbs in another basket -

And a bunch of bits/pieces sewn together in various shapes and sizes -

I'll take this bunch and sort them -

Into piles of similar shapes and sizes -

Here's one "almost up to size" - it goes in another pile -

So - back to the bits/pieces - I'll show you how I use this stack of four -

They are mostly triangular shaped but have a curved edge - which makes them look unusable -

But they make great "corners" for some of my other bits/pieces -

Flip the top one over - and I can follow the "straight edge" of the top piece -

Same with this one -

And this one -

So I can sew these three - chain piecing - one right after the other -

And the fourth one can go with this bit/piece -

All four sewn -

And clipped apart - and pressed open -

Take them to my little cutting mat next to the sewing machine -
And trim the left side for a "straight edge" -

Then this one -

And the other side -

And this one - the left side first -

Then across at an angle because they don't quite line up -
And I like them wonky -

Then this one -

Left side -

Trim the other "tail" -

And there you go -

Four more little bits/pieces to go on the piles with their friends who are similar shape and size -

The seam allowance on this one was a little too big -

But a quick trim with the scissors fixed it -

Then there are these guys -

The brown one will make a good corner for this bit -

And the orange one seems to fit this one -

I may lose some of the smaller bits in the seam allowance -
And I may "un-stitch" some of them to re-sew to a larger piece -
But I'll decide that when I get there -
Because I pretty much make it all up as I go along -

So - for now - I'll just keep on keepin' on -

Sewing bits to bits - or to strips -

Whichever strikes my fancy - because there are NO RULES -

And I am in no danger of running out of "Crumbs" - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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