Thursday, August 16, 2018

Playtime -

After another visit to the dentist - to remove the stitches and get the impression for the crown that will go on the tooth that had the root canal. Silly me - I thought we did the "impression" last time - and that I was going to get the "permanent" crown today - but nooooooooooooo - I got another "temporary" crown and next time I get the permanent one - oh, goody - ANOTHER visit to the dentist - my fave - LOL - ;))

The friend who took me to the dentist is the lady who asked me to hem her work pants. We were in a hurry after my appointment because she had somewhere else to be - so she took all of the pants home to try on - and said she would bring the blue ones back later in the afternoon -

So when I came home from the dentist - and with no blue pants to hem - LOL -
I decided to play with the scraps that Frog Quilter sent me - HERE -

This was waaaaaaaaaaaay more fun than hemming pants - LOL - ;))

The bag was filled with triangles - some in mirror image sets -
Perfect for Flying Geese "wings" -

Some were a little short of the 3" line -

But can be trimmed to the 2-1/2" line -

And then there was this pile -

Quarter-square triangles -
And I can tell because the "ravelly" edge is the long diagonal side -

And these were HST AND QST -
My first clue was the direction of the print -
And after I checked which edge "frayed" - I knew which was which -

These guys were "die-cut" - both dog ears are gone -
And they are perfect 3" - unfinished HST -
Which will finish at 2-1/2" -
But I consider the "finished" size irrelevant when I'm sewing -

I'm interested in the STRIP SIZE I need to get a unit to MATCH the one I HAVE -

The lines on the LEFT-EZE™ Rule correspond to the SIZE of the STRIP that you need to cut the unit - If the STRIP is 3" - it will line up with the 3" line -

So if I want to make some more HST to match these -
I know at a glance that I can use 3" strips -
No fussing with "finished" size or "sewn" size or any other size -
The only SIZE I want/need to know is the STRIP SIZE - LOL - ;))

So - after playing for a while - I got them all sorted -

And then I played with some more rows on the Interweave Quilt - and got four more done right about the time my friend brought back the blue pair of pants to be hemmed -

With a LOT of help from you guys - I finally figured out how to "make it work" - and I'll share it with you tomorrow - because I did a "test" on one leg - and it seemed to work - but this post is already long enough -

So - tomorrow I'll do the other leg and show you how it worked out -

After I take some photos to share - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Speed bump -

There I was - moving right along -

Got the orange pair of pants hemmed -

And then the brown ones -

When I hit a speed bump -

The blue ones aren't "straight-leg" -

They're "tapered" -

So the hem won't lie flat when I do the double fold -

Nope - these aren't going to lie flat - at all - rats!! -

So - I "googled" "How To Hem Tapered Pants" -

And the sites that I visited made the process sound easy enough -
Taper the inseams and the side seams to compensate -

OK - I can do that -

But these are not just a "little" narrower -

These are a LOT narrower at the bottom than the top -

So - I'll have to figure out something else -

Probably double check the length -
And go for a MUCH narrower hem -
Maybe a double 1/2" or double 3/4" instead of a double 1-1/2" -

Maybe I could cut at that first fold line -
And re-fold the double fold there -
It's closer to the same width at that point -
And the hem would still be a double 3/4" -

That might work - I think - maybe - maybe not -

UGH!! -

Now I remember why I don't like to hem pants -

And if this lady wasn't someone VERY special -

I probably wouldn't be hemming these either - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Slight detour -

To do a favor for a friend -

She needed some pants hemmed -

And I was happy to oblige -

Three down - three more to go - ;))

She is such a jewel - I say "I need a favor..." - and she doesn't even let me finish my sentence before she says - "I'll do it!" - How do you thank someone like that? -

She doesn't sew - so when she asked if I could hem some work pants for her -
of course, I said - "Yes!" - Sewing is kinda what I do - LOL - and "hems" are like "binding" to me - fold it - baste it - sew it - rinse and repeat -

My only fear is when I cut them - I worry that I'll measure wrong and come up short - so I always double check - just in case -

Which reminds me of a joke -

"I cut it twice - and it's still short!" -

I know - I can hear you all groaning from here - LOL - ;))

So - after hemming the third pair - I took a break -

And cut another set of strips for the Interweave Quilt -

But I'm going to wait to play with that -

And the scraps that I got from Frog Quilter -

And my "other box" of goodies -

Until I finish the rest of the hemming -

So stay tuned - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, August 13, 2018

International Left-Handers Day - 8/13/18


Hello – my name is Kitty – and I’m A LEFT-HANDED QUILTER!

Now you guys say – Hello, Kitty! - ;))



And in honor of INTERNATIONAL LEFT-HANDERS DAY – August 13

I would like to make the following proposals -

I propose that we form our own local "Left-Handed Quilters" (LHQ) groups.
If the “Modern” guys can do it – why can’t we?

I propose that we seek out other Lefties in the Local Quilt Guild –
if you belong to one - and form our own groups.

I propose that we ask our Local Quilt Shop to post a sign-up sheet for Lefties –
or do it ourselves – on a bulletin board – at church - at the grocery store –
or wherever they post notices - so that we can find out which other quilters in the community are Left-Handed.

I propose that we ask our Local Quilt Guilds and Quilt Shops for “Lefties Only” Classes - taught by Lefties.

I propose that – if we are Lefties – we offer to teach classes – for “Lefties Only”.

I propose that we help each other learn new techniques – cutting tricks – and share info – either in person or on the internet through tutorials on our blogs.

I propose that we add a page to our blogs – "Left-Handed Quilting" (LHQ) –
with links to tutorials on “How To Do It – Left-Handed”.

I propose that we add the button – "A Left-Handed Quilter" – to our blogs – at the top where other Lefties can easily see it. Tell the world that we are Left-Handed!

I propose that WE MAKE SOME NOISE!!!



The above list of "proposals" is one of the inserts -

That I include with orders of my LEFT-EZE™ Rule -

So - let me add a couple more -

I propose that you let all of your LEFT-Handed friends know about -

The LEFT-EZE™ Rule -

And this blog - ;))

Now that YOU have found my blog - please browse around -

Check out all of the page/tabs along the top -

And use the "search" box if you're looking for something specific - ;))

As of today - I have published over 1380 posts -

So there is quite a bit of information available -

Hopefully you will find something useful -

I'm full of useless information, too -

But I mostly try to share the useful stuff - LOL - ;))

THANKS!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Good news -

The missing packages are no longer missing!! - ;))

One my neighbors brought BOTH packages to me this afternoon. The key to the parcel locker was put in his mailbox by mistake - so all is well. My guess is that the regular mail lady is on vacation and her "sub" changed his/her mind - initially thinking that the packages wouldn't fit in the parcel locker and he/she would have to deliver them to my Front Door/Porch- so signed off that way. Then he/she realized that they WOULD fit - so he/she put them in there to save him/herself a trip to my house. But I have NO idea why he/she put the key to the parcel locker in my neighbor's mailbox and not mine. At this point - I don't really care - I got my packages!! - ;))

So - what was IN those packages that I wanted so desperately?!?!? -

One was a box of fabric that I ordered - I'll share that later -

The second package was some squishy mail from Frog Quilter -

She sent me some scraps!! - THANKS!! - I LOVE scraps!! -

I'm going to have a ton of fun sorting through these - ;))

By the way - did you see what she did with my Batik Squirrel's Sister? -

She did an AWESOME job quilting it - check it out - HERE - ;))

While I was sitting around stewing about my missing packages -

I played with some more strip sets -

And got another two on the wall -

I found that it really helped if I decided which fabric I wanted on "top" and sewed "twosies" - clipped them off the back end - sewed "foursies" - clipped those off the back end - and kept going - always with the same fabric on top - so I didn't accidentally sew two of the same color together - ;))

Then there was one set that I wanted to make sure that I kept "in order" to show off the wonderful shading from one color to the next -

So I numbered the patches as I cut them -

The "bean counter's" way of keeping the sequence the way I wanted it - LOL - ;))

Another thing I paid attention to was the "orientation" of the squares that I cut from the 5" squares - I tried to keep them going the same "direction" as the squares that I cut from the strips - and I lined up the pairs so that I could sew down the right side of each set -

And then there were eight - ;))

They're in no particular order -

Just pinned to the wall as I get them done -

The fun part will be arranging them and adding the borders -

But I still have a few more to sew before I'm ready to do that - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Interweave Quilt -

Is a FREE pattern from Timeless Treasures - HERE -
Interweave Quilt - designed by Marlous Carter

I already had the strips sorted in pairs - HERE - and - HERE -

And switched up the pattern a little to make it longer by inserting some squares cut from some 5" squares which then allowed me to make the "ends" longer -
Check out the pattern and you'll see what I mean - ;))

I decided to use my LEFT-EZE™ Rule - because - although it was designed to cut HST and QST - it can also be used to cut short strips and squares -

If I turn it THIS way - I can use the 1/2" line between the "2" and the "3" to cut a strip 2-1/2" wide -

Then move it to the LEFT again - and cut another one -

The bottom of the ruler doesn't need to be lined up with the bottom of the fabric unless I want to - the right edge of the fabric is lined up with the 2-1/2" line and I can trim the LEFT side -

Turn the strip around - and cut the squares -

This one is a little short -

But if I sew with the short one on the top - and use the bottom one to gauge the 1/4" seam - the difference is hidden in the seam allowance -

And as a little bit of extra insurance - I can make sure that this pair is at the end of the checkerboard part so I can give it a little bit more "quilting" when I get there -

So - I started with the wonky squares and pinned the folded rows to the design wall because they are so long -

I was able to cut and sew together four rows this afternoon -

Before it was time to check the mail -

I'm expecting two packages and was sure they would be in today's mail -

Checked the mailbox - got the bills - but no packages -

Hmmm - Checked my "Informed Delivery" and it said that BOTH packages were "Delivered, Front Door/Porch" -

Ummm - NO - I was sitting in front of the window to the front porch all morning sewing and waiting for the mail - and it was NOT
"Delivered, Front Door/Porch" -

So it looks like I'll be waiting by the "group" mailboxes tomorrow for the mail carrier to find out what happened to my packages. I've had problems with my mail in the past - last week they signed off on having delivered a package to the "Parcel Locker" when it was left on my front porch. Now I have to deal with them saying they delivered something when they didn't. I can't complain to the company that sent me the package - they have USPS confirmation saying that it was delivered -

Don't you just love it? -

Yeah, me neither - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, August 10, 2018

When I'm wrong -

I say I'm wrong -

And I am/was WRONG - ;))

Yesterday I posted about "tearing" as opposed to "cutting" strips and ended with -

BOB says - if you do decide to "trim" it -
You might as well just "cut" it next time - LOL - ;))
Which led my friend - Gene Black - to leave the following comment -
I will respectfully disagree with BOB's statement
"BOB says - if you do decide to "trim" it -You might as well just "cut" it next time"
For really long strips tearing them and then a light trim to get rid of the fuzzy's still results in an on grain strip where just cutting can have bobbles and "funny angles" if you aren't really careful folding the fabric.

I confess to being the friend who asked.

I replied -
Your disagreement is duly noted - and you're right - I forgot about the "careful folding" to prevent the dreaded "V" fold!!

A good "tear" and a "light trim to get rid of the fuzzy's" will certainly get the job done - ;))

BOB needs a good friend -

To disagree with her every once in a while -

To keep her from getting a little too cocky - ;))

Thanks, Gene - for being a good friend!! - ;))

Then - after getting my attitude adjusted - LOL -

I played with sewing the borders on the RED Squirrel - ;))

The colors on the website - HERE - are much more "true" than those above -

But still -

This is one GORGEOUS quilt!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, August 9, 2018

A puzzle and some strips -

First the puzzle -

Another one by CEACO - Americana - 500 piece - :))

During a break with my friend and the puzzle - I checked my email - and got one from another friend asking if I tore my strips wider than the desired width to allow for "de-stringing"?-

Good Question -

I replied - that I hadn't taken that into consideration - and the edges were/are a bit frayed. I was in the middle of "puzzle time" with my friend - so I hadn't measured them - but I was pretty sure they were short - but they were border strips - so I didn't care. I suggested tearing one strip - de-stringing it - measuring it - and adjusting accordingly. I wasn't going to worry about it much - but I was planning to sew my seam at 1/2" to account for the "fray".

After after my "puzzle" friend left - I went on to say that I had measured my strips - clipped them 5-1/2" apart - and tore at the "clip". The left side frayed at the clip - the right side frayed a couple of threads "inside" the clip so the strip is a couple threads short - but not a full 1/4" short.

And - I don't think the difference is enough to worry about with border strips - but if you are trying to fit it to something else - a pieced corner block, for example - and need more accuracy - you might want to cut them instead. I'm going to use mine "as-is" - with a 1/4" seam - they should be just fine. But then again - BOB says that I should move my needle to the left a couple of "clicks" just because - LOL - ;))

The "fray" is the same problem that I deal with on pre-cuts that have "pinked" edges. I hate that - just cut the dang things straight! There have been times when I have seen beautiful strip rolls and decided NOT to buy them - and chose another roll with "straight" cut edges instead. Then there is always the "warning" that because the edges are not "pinked" they will tend to fray - LOL - ;))


Then I went back to re-measure my strips - with a different ruler - and realized that they ARE 5-1/2" - and only a thread or two short at the most - so they're close enough for me. I took more photos - a little fray - but who cares - LOL - ;))

So - I repeat - if you're thinking of "tearing" instead of "cutting" -

Try tearing one strip - de-stringing it - measuring it - and adjusting accordingly.

If the "fray" doesn't bother you - use it "as-is" -

Or trim it - or move your needle to the left for a wider seam allowance -

Or do whatever you want/need to do to make it work for you!! - ;))

BOB says - if you do decide to "trim" it -

You might as well just "cut" it next time - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Wednesday, August 8, 2018

RED Squirrel - again -

I always thought "tearing" was an OLD technique -

That no one uses anymore -

It's OLD - so it must be useless - LOL - ;))

Back in the "olden days" we did it all of the time -

It's usually VERY accurate for long lengths -

Much more accurate than "cutting" - ;))

So - I checked the instructions and it DOES say to CUT the borders -

But I already knew that the insert strip tore "cleanly" -

So I decided to tear the border strips, too - ;))

Of course - after tearing -

I knew that I would need to "de-thread" and press the raw edges -

But I also knew that the "edges" would be straight and true - ;))

You guys would have laughed - I went to look for the piece left over from the insert strip and couldn't find it. It wasn't in the plastic bin with the instructions and the left over piece from the "strata" and the baggie with the 3/4 yd needed for the binding. It wasn't hanging on the back of the chair - where the "overflow" lives. I couldn't FIND it!! And then I lifted the quilt top that was on the desk - ready to put it all away until I "found what I was looking for" - LOL - and there it was - all safe and sound UNDER the top - ;))

So I gave the top a good press -

Sorry it looks a little blurry here -

But it's pressed nicely - LOL -

And I tore the border strips -

Here they are de-threaded - pressed - and labeled -

And ready to go - ;))

Tomorrow is another "jigsaw puzzle" day -

So I'll have to wait until Thursday -

To square up the top -

Stay-stitch the sides and ends -

And then add the borders - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Back to sewing -

Finally -

Now that some of that "business" stuff is done - ;))

I took a look at this one -

And decided that I wanted/needed 3 more HST and 2 more Flying Geese -
Reverse images - to fill in the blanks -

Cut them out - with my nifty little ruler -
Sewed them together - and put them where I wanted them -
Then sewed it together like a 9-patch -

Mixing everything up between the ironing board and the sewing machine -
And back again - LOL -
But it's fine just the way it is - ;))

Now that that's done -
I can add it to the pile that needs backings made -

And play with the borders on the RED Squirrel - ;))

If I remember correctly -

The instructions said to "tear" the insert strip and to "cut" the borders -

I'll have to re-check that -

Because "tearing" the insert strip seemed to work VERY well -

And I think I could do the same thing to the borders - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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