Tuesday, October 16, 2018

More blue scraps -

To go -

But I got these cut and sorted -

And pulled out some more triangles - squares - combo strips -

And added quite a few to the bins of "strings" and "crumbs" behind them -

I sorted out most of the odd-sized strips for more BLUE "string" blocks -

Before they join the rest of the colors for more "crumb" blocks -

And then come the NEUTRALS -

The drawer was FULL of FQ sized pieces -

That's why I thought I had so many scraps -

But then I found this box with some good sized pieces and some scraps -

But THIS what I THOUGHT was in the drawer -

And it may take me a while to sort through it - LOL - ;))

Most of my Squirrels need NEUTRALS to pair with the various colors -

So I really do need to sort through the scraps before I chase them -

And I don't dare stop now -

I'm too close to the finish line - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, October 15, 2018

Blue scraps -

Are up next - since the RED ones are done - ;))

After I emptied the BLUE drawer - I pulled out the really big pieces -

And this box is full of FQ - I don't remember why I didn't put them back where they belong - but I must have had a reason - "lazy" being a perfectly valid one - LOL - ;))

And these are already "pre-bagged" left-overs from other projects -
Including a bunch of "strings" to make more blocks to go with some UFO ones I have around here someplace - LOL -

So - I really only have these guys to sort through and cut up -

That shouldn't take me long -

She says - wondering how many more Squirrels are hiding in that box - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Red scraps -

Look a little orange in this photo -
Sorry for the bad lighting - they really ARE RED -

The ones on the left - in front of the box -
Are the solids that I pulled out - I keep them separated in their own bin -

The ones on the right - in the back -
Are larger pieces that will go back with the FQ -

The ones on the right - in the front -
Are larger squares that will go in the pile for my 1-1/2" square die -

And somehow I got some BROWN and PURPLE in with the REDS -
So I pulled them out to go with their friends -

An "in progress" photo - triangles in the front on the left - 2-1/2" squares - plastic bin of "crumbs" - box to be "processed" - and larger chunks on the sewing machine - waiting to be pressed and evaluated - sometimes I cut them up and put the larger chunk with other ones and the smaller one on the die -

Larger triangles on the left - larger chunks for the 1-1/2" square die - and baskets of the various sizes - the baggies keep them organized and hopefully help with keeping the edges from fraying - the bins with the "crumb" blocks bits are on the floor under the table -

In the back are the solids that I pull out as I go along - and the basket on the right has "selvages" that I keep thinking I'm going to use for something - but haven't - LOL -

The sorted ones in the back - the next batch to be sorted still on the die -

Next batch to be run through - I have to pay attention and spread them out because the die will only cut 6 layers at a time - and that adds up faster than you think -

I still have these to sort through -

So that's on the agenda for tomorrow - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Green scraps -

Had quite a few larger pieces -
So I pulled them out first and added them to the others -

This assortment had some BROWN scraps in it - but that's OK -
Like I said - it's not rocket science -

It also had several of these extra strip sets - that I decided to "unsew" -
And bag them separately in case I'm ever looking for some "matching" GREENS -

So - all nice and cut -

With the "strings" and "crumbs" added to the other ones -

Then it was a toss-up as to which color would be next -

The REDS or the BLUES -

Considering the fact that I could barely close the BLUE drawer -

I decided that I had fewer RED scraps and would tackle them next -

Even at that - I have TWO Gatorade boxes full -

But the one on the right has a lot of larger pieces so maybe it won't be too bad -

This is actually FUN!! - I get to pet my fabric again -

And I don't have to sew a stitch - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, October 12, 2018

Yellow scraps -

It may not look like much -

But today I sorted through and cut up all of my YELLOW - GOLD - ORANGE - and BROWN scraps - mostly leftovers from last year's Halloween and Thanksgiving projects -

Made lots of odd bits for the "trash" -

Some "strings" and some more "crumbs" -

Tomorrow I'll sort through the GREEN ones - ;))

I'm starting with the smaller piles - some of the other ones are MUCH larger - and may take a while to go through - but it IS fun and I DO feel like I'm doing something productive - even if it isn't actually SEWING - and it keeps me busy until I'm in the mood to tackle backings/batting and FMQ - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Purple scraps -

Starting simple -

With the drawer with the fewest scraps -

The one with the PURPLE/LAVENDER scraps -

And a blurry photo - sorry - ;))

The ones on the right are FQ - and not really "scraps" -
So they can go back where they belong -
I guess I was too lazy to put them away when I stashed the scraps -

The ones on the left are left over strips from the jelly roll -
That I used for a baby quilt -

The ones on the right are oddball sizes -

I'm going to use my "combo" strip die -
It cuts three sizes at one time - 1" - 1-1/2" - and 2" -

I figure I can always get a 2-1/2" strip from a jelly roll -
And scraps are perfect for the smaller sizes -
Plus I can get all three sizes in one pass -
What's not to love? - ;))

So I sorted out the jelly roll strips -
All the same 2-1/2" width - but various lengths -

The oddball on the bottom is just over 2" - but not quite 2-1/2" -
So I'll put it on the die and trim it down to 2" -

The two squares are HST that measure 2-1/2" -
So they'll go with the strips -

The "crumbs" will go with my other "crumbs" -

This pile needs to be sorted next -

The strips and HST were put in a baggie -

And the pieces larger than 6" square will go in a separate pile -
They're not really "scraps" either -

I have a die that will cut 1-1/2" squares - 16 at a time -
So that will work nicely -

This piece has yellow chalk mark lines on it -
And I pressed it before I removed them -
So they are going to be there f.o.r.e.v.e.r. -
I'll try to line it up on the die so that part gets cut off -


And - AFTER -

FQ folded nicely in a plastic bin that I set "on end" -

Bigger chunks for the 1-1/2" square die -

Strips in baggies - by size - and nicely labeled -
And hopefully easily retrieved when I "need" them - LOL - ;))

Next up - the YELLOW/ORANGE/HALLOWEEN drawer -
Another blurry "drawer" photo - sorry -

Emptied the drawer and took the scraps to the kitchen island -
And pulled out some of my handy-dandy Gatorade box "sorters" - LOL -

And sorted them into YELLOW - GOLD - ORANGE - BROWN -

Sometimes it's hard for me to decide which one to call it -
But I guess it doesn't really matter - it's not rocket science -
As long as they're not in with the REDS or GREENS - haha -

The larger FQ and chunks can go elsewhere -

The BLACK HALLOWEEN ones will get bagged and put with their friends -

The other ones are what I call "iffy" -
I'm not sure "if" I should call them one color or another -
They don't really "go" in any particular category -
So after they get cut into strips -
They will be perfect for my "crumb" blocks - as "finishers" -
Or in some Upstairs/Downstairs blocks -
They don't have to "match" anything and I can use them up that way -

Tomorrow I'll sort them out - pull out the "strings" and "crumbs" -
Then press them all nice and neat - run them through the die -
And bag them up like I did the PURPLE ones - ;))

Ha! - This might actually work! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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