Sunday, November 26, 2017

Tidying up a little -

After actually FINISHING a couple of projects is always FUN - ;))

My regular readers already know that I like to document my quilts/projects in a Scrapbook with a Scrap Card and a Heart for my Someday Memory Quilt - ;))

I started with the scraps from the Rooster Potholders -

I do my Foundation Paper Piecing my way - and have made so many Hearts through the years that sometimes I just want to "cover the paper" - so I approach it the same way I would if I were "string-piecing" something - piece some scraps together - put them down - stitch it - flip it open - press it -

Rinse and repeat -

Until I "cover the paper" -

Did I cover the Heart? - Looks like it - ;))

Good! -

Then pin it - right side down - paper side up - to a scrap piece of muslin -

Stitch it all the way around - back stitching at the beginning/end -

Remove the pins - trim it -

Take the paper off -

Cut a slit in the muslin on the back side -

Turn it inside out and press it -

And I have one more Heart for my Someday Memory Quilt - ;))

Left over scraps for the crumb blocks -

Do the same with the scraps from the Green Potholders -

Two Hearts and two Scrap Cards -

Then one more set for the Lavender Lovely - Baby Quilt - ;))

Then work up the Scrapbook pages - ;))

So the scrapbook is caught up - for now -

And I updated my UFOs/Squirrels/Projects page -

Next up - tackle that Mountain To Be Quilted -

We'll see how many more "finishes" I can get done before the end of the year -

I need that Mountain in the DONE category -

And I want to start working on that Someday Memory Quilt - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy Thanksiving - 2017

Happy Thanksgiving!! - ;))

Today is Turkey Day in the U.S.A. -

And a day to Give Thanks! -

And I DO! - ;))

I'm thankful for SO many things -

My family - my friends - my neighbors - my readers/followers/fans -

My stash - my sewing machines - my toys -

And SO much more! - ;))

Here's hoping that you have a very nice Turkey Day with your family! -

And have plenty of leftovers! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, November 20, 2017

More Squishy Mail - and a Finish -

First the Squishy Mail -

I received my order of three more notebook covers from Gene Black - and I was sure glad that I had placed my order before he had a chance to sell them at the Holiday Faire this past weekend -

They really are nicely done -

THANKS, Gene!! - ;))

And I finished the Autumn Table Runner for a friend - she wanted it long so it would hang off the ends of her six foot table by at least 6 inches on each end. She wanted it long - she got it long - it came out to 13-1/2" by 86" - ;))

I used the backing batik fabric for both the side borders and the binding -

After I reversed the color gradation - and added strips to each end until I ran out of room - ))

I like to sew the binding to the back first - and I "cheat" when it comes to joining the ends. I leave a "tail" at the beginning - and when I get to the "end" - I fold the beginning "tail" on the diagonal -

Lay the "end" on top of it - and cut the "end" on the diagonal several inches past the point where they "join" - then stitch it all down through all of the layers -

Fold it over to check the "join" - looks good to me -

Trim off the extra bit of binding -

Press the binding from the back - away from the center part -

Flip the runner so the front is on top -

Fold the binding raw edge to the middle -

Fold it all over to the front - pin it down - and you can barely see the "join" - then topstitch it down from the front - easy peasy - ;))

Between the Lavender Lovely baby quilt - the Rooster Potholders - and the Autumn Table Runner - I have some cleaning up and organizing to do -

That may sound like a bunch of chores - but they're FUN chores - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Winners -

Have been notified - packages have been scheduled for pickup and mailing -
emails have been sent with tracking numbers - so it's all good!!

Thanks for playing along and helping me celebrate Post #1234 -

And thanks for reading my blog!! - ;))

On the quilting front -

A little Free-Motion Quilting on a Christmas cheater panel -

And while I ponder what to quilt next - and where -

I pulled out the Jelly Roll and backing fabric that I want to use for the table runner that I promised to a friend -

Nothing fancy - simple quilt-as-you-go - with the wonderful shading of autumn colors in the Jelly Roll - starting with browns in the center -

And shading out to oranges on each side -

Until I get to the 1/4 mark - and then go back the other way - ;))

I'll show you more -

When I have more to show you - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, November 10, 2017

#1-2-3-4 -

This is my Post #1234 - YAY!! - ;))

And since I totally missed my landmark Post #1200 -

I thought I would celebrate THIS ONE instead - ;))

As I said in my last post (in case you were waiting for this one) -

ALL of the names on the orders for my LEFT-EZE Rule placed between Thursday (11/9/17) 6:00 - PST and Sunday (11/12/17) NOON - PST -

Will be put in a "hat" -

And I will draw out FOUR names on Sunday afternoon -

Those FOUR will get FREE SHIPPING - ;))

Check the link for info on how to place your order - HERE -

To get your name in the "hat" -

And Good Luck!! - ;))

If you leave me a comment below telling me your favorite color -

I'll put your name in another "hat" -

Draw a name -

And send you some fabric -

Just to say THANKS!! for reading my blog - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, November 9, 2017

AWESOME squishy mail - potholders - #1233 & #1234 -

The other day I received some AWESOME squishy mail!! - ;))

The notebook cover that I ordered from Gene Black came -
And it even included a notebook - WOW - I didn't expect that! -

He even added a "Gene Black Creations" label -

Because it is truly a one-of-a-kind original -

And the photos do NOT do it justice -

The hand-woven fabric that he included is SO soft -

And the little turquoise tufts are so nice and FUZZY.

I have to pet it for a while before I actually use it - ;))

He's making some more for a Holiday Faire - so if you want one - check out his blog and place your order NOW - before he sells them all. I've already placed my order for some more - ;))



On the quilting front -

I finished up the Rooster Potholders - but I posted about them before - so I thought that I would show you the AWESOME squishy mail first -

A close-up of one -

And the back of the loop - nothing fancy - just a big "X" at the joining -

It forms a "natural" loop from the front - ;))


#1233 -

This is Post #1233 -

Which automatically makes my NEXT post #1234 -

As most of you already know - I am a math geek - and LOVE numbers -

And since I totally missed my landmark Post #1200 -

I thought I would celebrate Post #1-2-3-4 instead - ;))

And - I was going to offer FREE SHIPPING on the first FOUR orders -

For my LEFT-EZE Rule ordered that day -

But as I thought about the different time zones - and the recent switch from Daylight Savings Time - and when I should actually post the post -

It got a little complicated -

It doesn't seem fair to base the FREE SHIPPING on the time the order was placed -

So -

ALL of the names on the orders placed between NOW - Thursday (11/9/17) 6:00PM - PST and Sunday (11/12/17) NOON - PST - will be put in a "hat" -

And I will draw out FOUR names on Sunday afternoon -

Those FOUR will get FREE SHIPPING - ;))

Check the link for info on how to place your order - HERE -

To get your name in the "hat" -

And Good Luck!! - ;))

I can't believe that my next post will be #1234 - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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