Tuesday, October 23, 2018

A little prep -

Is about all I got done today -

With Monday comes another week's worth of chores to do -

So as long as I had my dies out -

I decided to cut some paper "guides" for my KITE STRING blocks and my "Crumb" blocks -

The KITE STRING blocks could always be sewn "string-to-string" and then die cut - but I think it might be easier if I sew the strings to a paper guide - since I have such a WIDE variety of strings and bits and pieces - I can tell at a glance if a scrap is long enough to be used -

For my "Crumb" blocks - I have a LOT of partial blocks and don't really want to sew the "inner" part to paper - too many little seams - but after they get to be about 2-3" on one side - I can use the paper to see what I need to "finish" them -

For both - I can let the fabric hang off the edges until I get the paper completely covered - and either trim them to the size of the paper and tear the paper off - or remove the paper first and die cut them again for "real" - I'll try it both ways - see if I like one way better than the other - it might be different depending on the block - you never know -

At least that's the PLAN -

We'll see if it works tomorrow - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, October 22, 2018

Next phase -

I started sorting my scraps on 10/11 -

And emptied the BIG basket of NEUTRALS on 10/21 -

Eleven days -

And - believe it or not - it was a very FAST eleven days - ;))

When I started - I said -

So I'm going to try a different approach this time -

First - find the blocks/patterns that I want to make in the next couple of months -

Second - decide what color combinations I want to use -

Third - cut the scraps that I have in those COLORS to those SIZES this time -

I'll always have more scraps as I go along so I can always cut them in different sizes for different projects later -

First I thought I would cut some for some Wonder Blocks -

But I can always use FQ for those -

So I decided to use my dies and cut EVERYTHING into strips of various sizes -

I can use my LEFT-EZE™ Rule to make HST - QST - and Flying Geese -

They can be combined in hundreds of variations all from the same size strip -

I can make sets for more Upstairs/Downstairs blocks -

From the longer strips - ANY color combination will work for those -

And any shorter strips can be used for 4-patches and 9-patches -

I can match them to neutral strips and go from there -

The odd bits and pieces can be added to my "Crumb" collection -

Triangles and strings - are great "Crumb" block finishers - ;))

I'll always have jelly rolls and FQ and yardage for other projects -

It's the SCRAPS that I need to make work for me -

Maybe THIS time I can do it - LOL - ;))

I changed my approach a little as I went along - die cutting some pieces into 1" - 1-1/2" - and 2" strips - and sorting the rest into "crumbs" - "strings" - and larger chunks to be cut later - but keeping in mind some of the "projects" listed above -

So now - after all of my pressing and sorting and putting away of the various scrap strips and bits and pieces - I have this bunch of neutrals - "crumbs" and "strings" -

And these multi-colored "crumbs" and "strings" -

The pressing and sorting was the easy part -

The hard part is deciding what I'm going to DO with what I have - ;))

Because I already have the "crumbs" and "strings" out - I might as well start with them - start with the smaller pieces and work my way up to the larger chunks -

So - here's my list - subject to change due to Squirrel sightings - LOL -
  • DEEP RED Crumb Squares - 56 more "crumb" blocks -
  • Use the "crumbs" - bits and pieces - triangles and short strips -
  • NEUTRALS Crumb Squares - 120 blocks -
  • There are plenty of scraps to make a NEUTRAL version of the "crumb" pattern - use the "crumbs" - bits and pieces - triangles and short strips -
  • NEUTRALS - STRING blocks
  • Use neutral strips not used in "crumb" blocks - longer and wider -
  • BLUE - STRING blocks
  • Use Blue strings in separate bin in closet
  • Use 2" die cut strips that are 12-13" or longer - any color -
  • KITE STRING blocks - use die for paper foundation
  • Use any strip shorter than 12"
  • ORANGE PEEL blocks - use die and larger chunks - color/neutral
  • Use 1-1/2" die cut strips for sashing and cornerstones - any length

That should use up a lot of what I have -

And keep me busy for a while - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Empty basket -

I emptied the basket this afternoon -

I still have to die cut one pile - and put some "away" -

But the basket is EMPTY!! - ;))

I started by pulling out a big bag of muslin scraps that I'm not even going to bother to go through - and some oddball bits - that will all hit the trash -

I did pull these out and pressed them and added them to the SOLID basket -

Then rummaged through for the larger chunks -

Which left me with this -

The larger chunks sorted out nicely -

And I eventually got it down to one last box full of scraps to sort through -

Tomorrow I'll put them "away" in the various piles - and run the ones in the basket in front on the left though the strip die cutter - ;))

I had to smile when I pulled this one out - it's a scrap from a dress I made our daughter when she was in grade school - over forty years ago - ;))

I have a lot of NEUTRAL scraps - but they are not "standard" sizes - so I can't just use them in any old block - so the plan is to use them up like so -
  • smaller bits and pieces - and shorter strips - perfect for "crumb" blocks -
  • longer/wider strips - wonky and otherwise - perfect for "string" blocks -

Then I have some decisions to make -
  • what blocks do I want to make
  • what size do I want to make them
  • what dies do I need to cut the strips/pieces
  • what colors do I want to use for which blocks

Then the FUN part - going through the larger chunks - choosing the pieces to cut - and cutting them - and kitting them -

For the past week or so - I've been in pressing/sorting mode -

Now I can switch to cutting/kitting mode -

And then get those scraps into some pretty blocks -

And those blocks into some SCRAPPY quilts - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Some more neutral scraps -

So I grabbed another handful from the BIG basket -

Transferred it to the box for sorting -

And pulled out a big SOLID piece that had circles cut from it -

I could try to cut some triangles from the parts connecting them -

But I have PLENTY of muslin in the other room -

And can cut triangles from that if I need some -

So I don't think I'll bother with that part -

But I think I'll save this piece on the end -

Since it's at the fold and a pretty good sized chunk -

And the rest can go in the trash -

This bunch looked like all the same size strips -

But they were actually folded over - so bonus - the scraps are twice as big as I thought they were -

After sorting though about half the box - I changed my routine a little -

I took everything out of the box and sorted them into a couple of piles as I pressed them -

This pile will get trimmed up to straighten the edges -

The pile on top will get the selvages trimmed off and the other two pieces will be straightened up -

The ones that don't need trimming went back in the box - to be put in the other piles after all of the other pressing and trimming are done - it seemed to speed up the process a little - since I wasn't stopping to put each piece "away" or stopping to cut anything yet - I was just pressing them all out -

Tomorrow I can trim the ones that need trimming and put everything in the various piles -

Then grab another handful -

And I don't think I've made the slightest dent in the BIG basket -

So this is going to take a while - ;))

So far I don't have a whole lot to run through the strip die cutter - I'm just doing a little trimming to straighten some frayed edges. But what I do have is perfect for NEUTRAL "crumb" blocks or "string" blocks that don't need pieces cut to any particular size. I can go through the larger chunks when I'm done and die cut them into various shapes and sizes depending on the size of the scraps -

The pressing and sorting is the easy part -

The hard part is deciding what I want to DO with what I have -

SOOOOOOOOOO many possibilities - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, October 19, 2018

More neutral scraps -

Were in the BIG basket -

So I had to make room and moved the sorted ones to another table -

And rearranged some of the piles -

Then I grabbed a handful from the basket and put it in the box to play with -

Pulled out the SOLIDS -

And the skinny strings too narrow to use -

Found a long strip -

And pressed it the "lazy" way -

Set my iron down - and pulled the strip through -
Which helps explain why my pressing board cover is so scorched - LOL - ;))

Sorted the other ones roughly by size -

And put them in the basket with their friends -

Which left me with this in the box -

Sorted a few at a time - pressed them -
And added them to the other piles by size -

Here are my "strings" on the left - "trash" on the right -

Larger strips to be run through the die cutter later -

You can probably tell that my definition of "neutral" is pretty loose -
I guess it's anything that doesn't necessarily go in one of the other drawers -

Some pieces were various sizes of the same fabric -
All leftovers from some project a while back -
The strip on the left can go through the die cutter -
The ones in the middle can go in the pile of "larger chunks" for my 1-1/2" die -
And the ones on the right can go back in my stash as they are pretty good sized pieces -

Which got me down to this - in the box -

But there's still more in the BIG basket - to be played with tomorrow -

Like I told one of my readers who said she felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of her scraps -
It may look like work - but it's actually FUN - ;))
Don't let the amount overwhelm you -
it's another chance to pet all of your fabulous fabric!!
I already had mine sorted by color - and took it in small bites -
the same way you "eat an elephant" - LOL - ;))

Not that I've ever eaten an elephant - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Neutral scraps -

In this box look like they've been sorted through before -

So I made piles of the various sizes as I pressed them -

With a basket of TRIANGLES off to the right side -
And strings too narrow to use behind that -

The FQ and larger chunks in back with various shapes and sizes in the front -

SELVAGES on the left - SOLIDS on the right -

And not that many trimmings -

YET - LOL - l))

I still have the rest of the box -

And the BIG basket to go through - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Clearing the decks -

Since I finished up the BLUE scraps today -

I thought I should clear the decks and make some room -

Before starting in on the NEUTRALS - ;))

The left basket has the SOLIDS - the right basket has the SELVAGES -

Back row - TRIANGLES for "crumb" blocks (these will stay where they are) -
BLUE STRINGS (will need a lid and a label) -

Front row - FQ - to be put away with my other FQ - in the other room with my yardage - TRIANGLES - LARGER CUTS that will go with their friends on the kitchen island for now -

The back row from left to right -
TRIANGLES - LARGER CUTS - same as above - and 2-1/2" STRIPS -

The front row from left to right - 1" STRIPS- 1-1/2" STRIPS - 2" STRIPS -

These guys - will stay out for my "crumb" blocks -

And join their friends under the table -

I need to finish up the "crumb" blocks for my RED Crumb Squares -
I think I have all of the alternate blocks done - but I'll have to check -

Anyway - all of the cut and sorted scraps will join their friends in the hall closet -

I have drawers for 1" STRIPS - 1-1/2" STRIPS - 2" STRIPS - 2-1/2" STRIPS - SELVAGES - SOLIDS -
Right now they're pretty jumbled up except for the new ones that I recently die cut and put in baggies - so they'll have to be sorted - someday - LOL -

And I added the new BLUE STRINGS bin to the others -
(a Someday Project) - and some old project leftovers (whenever) -

While I ponder which blocks I want to make with all of my newly cut/sorted scraps -

I'm going to sort through this box of NEUTRALS -

Then tackle the BIG basket of NEUTRALS -

And maybe make a couple of "crumb" blocks -

I already have a bunch of new "crumbs" and "strings" to add to the mix -

And I think I still remember how to SEW - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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