Sunday, October 7, 2018

Autumn Squirrel - continued -

Assembly for this one might be easier to do in columns rather than rows - because all of the horizontal seams across the rows look like they will nest nicely - but a couple of the blocks will need re-pressing for the vertical seams to nest properly -

When I flipped up the rows to see which way the seams go - it looks like I only need to re-press three of the nine blocks - so not too bad - ;))

Then I went looking for something to use for the backing -

Something simple - because I just wanted to make a simple table topper -

And I ran across some Christmas fabrics that I must have gotten free somewhere -

They are definitely NOT my style -

And I seriously doubt that I would have bought them on purpose - LOL - ;))

They probably wouldn't look good cut up into little pieces -

But they might work in big chunky blocks -

Or maybe in an "Ugly Christmas Sweater Quilt" -

If there is such a thing - LOL - ;))

And I just googled it -

There IS such a thing - who knew?!?! - ;))

All together now -

SQUIRREL!! - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Oh my. I hope you got those fabrics for free (even then I might have left them behind.) I have had a couple of fabrics that just aren't my style and they tend to sit until I give them away.

Katie said...

Other than the penguins, you do have quite a collection of "why would anyone buy that?!" fabrics there! (And the penguins couldn't go just anywhere.) I did know about the ugly sweater quilt - I think it was a free quilt along a few years ago. But the pattern itself was goofy the arms were too long. Maybe that was part of the appeal? But it seemed also like it had some fiddly small pieces, too? Anyways, good luck with your oddball collection. You know I'll be watching to see what becomes of it!


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