Friday, October 19, 2018

More neutral scraps -

Were in the BIG basket -

So I had to make room and moved the sorted ones to another table -

And rearranged some of the piles -

Then I grabbed a handful from the basket and put it in the box to play with -

Pulled out the SOLIDS -

And the skinny strings too narrow to use -

Found a long strip -

And pressed it the "lazy" way -

Set my iron down - and pulled the strip through -
Which helps explain why my pressing board cover is so scorched - LOL - ;))

Sorted the other ones roughly by size -

And put them in the basket with their friends -

Which left me with this in the box -

Sorted a few at a time - pressed them -
And added them to the other piles by size -

Here are my "strings" on the left - "trash" on the right -

Larger strips to be run through the die cutter later -

You can probably tell that my definition of "neutral" is pretty loose -
I guess it's anything that doesn't necessarily go in one of the other drawers -

Some pieces were various sizes of the same fabric -
All leftovers from some project a while back -
The strip on the left can go through the die cutter -
The ones in the middle can go in the pile of "larger chunks" for my 1-1/2" die -
And the ones on the right can go back in my stash as they are pretty good sized pieces -

Which got me down to this - in the box -

But there's still more in the BIG basket - to be played with tomorrow -

Like I told one of my readers who said she felt overwhelmed by the sheer amount of her scraps -
It may look like work - but it's actually FUN - ;))
Don't let the amount overwhelm you -
it's another chance to pet all of your fabulous fabric!!
I already had mine sorted by color - and took it in small bites -
the same way you "eat an elephant" - LOL - ;))

Not that I've ever eaten an elephant - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I confess that I often feel like the reader that was overwhelmed by the amount. And the fact is, I get bored before I finish the job. (Sigh)
But then sometimes you find "treasure" in the scraps also- fabrics you loved that you thought were all used up..

Linda Swanekamp said...

Ok ok, I am going out into the garage today to eat an elephant. Hope to make progress and find some fabric to work into a couple of projects I have going on.

Jeanna said...

So many many possibilities.


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