Rule #1 - Don't Forget that YOU ARE LEFT-HANDED!

Rule #2 - Do What Works For You!

Rule #3 - Remember - Quilting is Supposed to be FUN!

Rule #4 - Don't be Afraid to Annoy the Quilt Police!

Rule #5 - Sometimes Blocks don't have to be the RIGHT SIZE -
they just have to be the SAME SIZE!

Rule #6 - If it's not long enough - add some to it!

Rule #7 - If it's too long - cut it off!

Rule #8 - You can never have too many UFOs!

Rule #9 - If it was easy - anyone could do it!

Rule #10 - Anything is easy - if you know how!

Rule #11 - Make time to SEW!!

Rule #12 - Use your BEST fabric - while you still can!

Rule #13 - Give credit where credit is due!


JCnNC -  Iron it into submission!

Sue - Keep Calm, The Kettle's On! - Rule for Quilt Shops - Never leave one empty handed!

Sue - Keep Calm, The Kettle's On! - Even when I'm wrong - I'm right!

Rose - Measure twice - cut once!

Katie - katiemaytoo quilts - Don't let UFOs get in the way of starting new quilts!

Tracy - My World in a Stitch - Quilt by the seat of your pants!

LindaJ - life, quilts and a cat too - Do not make a quilt (of any size) for someone who will not appreciate the effort.

Julie - My Quilt Diary - If it works, it is the right way.


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