Saturday, May 30, 2015

Churn Dash Update

Yesterday I played with the Churn Dash a little - ;))

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE 9-patches? - ;))

They are my FAVORITE block to piece - ;))

The pressing always seems to work out -


IF I pay attention - ;))

This technique has been around forever -

And I am NOT the one to think it up -

But I LOVE it just the same - ;))

When I make the block -

I press the top and bottom rows -

TOWARD the CENTER unit -

And the middle row -

AWAY FROM the CENTER unit - ;))

SO -

After I sew the rows together -

And the block is complete -

I press AWAY FROM the CENTER unit -

AGAIN - ;))

That way I have seams going BOTH ways -

Some TOWARD the CENTER unit -

And some AWAY FROM the CENTER unit -

And can give the block a quarter turn -

To get opposing seams - ;))

I took the two 4-patches off the wall -

And sewed them together for the first two rows -

Then I changed my mind about trying to assemble the rest of it -

In 4-patches - ;))

There are only four blocks per row -

So "row assembly" is actually easier - ;))

After I got that together -

I pulled off the blocks for the next row -

And laid them all out -

Wrong side up -

To check which way to orient the blocks - ;))

See - this won't work -

But if I turn it a quarter turn to the right or left -
I get opposing seams for the row above - ;))

Then the side seam is whatever it is -
And the next block can be rotated to oppose its seams -

Which automatically sets up the top of the block -
To get opposing seams for the row above - ;))

After the blocks were oriented correctly -
I sewed them together to make the third row -
Then laid them out to check which way to press the new seams - ;))

Starting from the right-hand side -
Match the opposing seams on the first block -

Press this seam to the left -

The second block has opposing seams -

The next seam gets pressed to the right -

The next block has opposing seams -

The next seam gets pressed to the left -

After I fix this one - ;))

When I got the fixing done -

And re-pressed all of the seams -

I added the new row to the rest of it -

And that's as far as a I got - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Funny - 5/29/15

I swear some days my brain does NOT fire on all cylinders - ;))

The other day I was making some banana/nut bread muffins -

Had the chopped nuts all measured out and sitting in a bowl -

Had the bananas all mashed up and sitting in a bowl -

Had the little paper liners in the cupcake tin -

Measured out all of the wet ingredients -

Measured out all of the dry ingredients -

Folded the wet into the dry as per usual -

Loaded up the muffin tin paper cups -

Put the muffin tin in the preheated oven -

Set the timer -

Cleaned up -

And saw the bowl of chopped nuts still sitting on the counter -

Oops!! - ;))

You should have seen me pull that muffin tin out of the oven -

And then stand there with the bowl of chopped nuts -

And a fork -

Sprinkling the nuts on top of the still-gooey muffins -

And poking them down with the fork - ;))

Then I put the muffin tin back in the oven -

Reset the timer -

And waited to see if my "save" would work - ;))

Actually they turned out pretty good -

I might just do it that way next time -

On purpose - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

One Lovely Blog Award - ;))

Lately I have been BUSY re-arranging stuff -

Trying to get myself organized -

Trying to “de-clutter” my space -

And not blogging or quilting much - ;))

I can't seem to find the time to do everything -

So I'm REALLY behind on what everyone else is working on -

And I need to do some serious blog-browsing -

And I need to get back to work on the stuff on my design wall - ;))

So anyway - last week I received a comment from Lisa J - HERE -

Who was visiting from Chantal’s blog - HERE - ;))

When I finally took a break and checked out Chantal’s blog -

I was surprised to see myself on her list of nominations -

For the One Lovely Blog Award - ;))

THANK YOU!! - Chantal - for the nomination -

And THANK YOU!! - Lisa J - for the visit - ;))


I must admit -

And my regular readers already know -

That I have an attitude -

And that my blog may not be the most “Lovely” blog out there -

But I appreciate my readers and their comments -

And I try to find the humor in my mishaps -

So THANK YOU, Chantal for thinking of me and my blog - ;))


Anyway - on to the award -

The aim of the award is to tell more about ourselves and, more importantly draw the attention of others to blogs we enjoy reading, and encourage you to check them out.

In order to accept the award the nominated blogger must:

#1 - Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
#2 - Share seven facts about yourself.
#3 - Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award.


#1 - Thank the person who nominated you and link back to them in your post.
Done and done - ;))


#2 - Share seven facts about yourself.

(#1) - I am a semi-private person -
I like to share my quilting projects and adventures on my blog -
But I am not big on sharing my personal non-quilting life -
Nor am I big on sharing other people’s personal lives -
My rule is NOT to share if it’s not MY news to share -
If they want you to know - they will tell you - ;))

(#2) - BOB is my alter ego - Bitchy Old Broad -
BOB and I do not suffer fools gladly -
BOB has her own blog - Quilter BOB - HERE
BOB’s adventures are basically rants - some funny - some silly - some stupid - some sad - some just plain bitchy - depending on your point of view - ;))

(#3) - My Applique Masterpiece has no real name - yet -
I simply refer to it as my “Floral Applique” -
It is still just a top -
And except for the last block - it was hand-appliqued -
It has its own page/tab at the top of my blog - ;))

(#4) - My Patchwork/Pieced Masterpiece is my LHQSQ -
Left-Handed Quilter Sampler Quilt -

It is also still just a top -
It is a sampler of Ninety-Nine Nine-patches that I found in EQ7 -
It also has its own page/tab at the top of my blog - ;))

(#5) - I am old school -
I don’t text - Tweet - or do Instagram -
I talk to my friends on the phone - I email - and I blog - ;))

(#6) - I speak mid-20-century English -
When I was in school - “disrespect” was a noun and “reveal” was a verb -
Not the other way around - like it is today -
And I try TO do things -
I do not try AND do things -
Although I may try AND fail -
Because I never really try TO do that - ;))

(#7) - I have mixed emotions about these “Awards” -
I think that they are a great way for us to find and read new blogs -
But they also seem to be blogland’s version of a chain letter -
And I don’t really like chain letters - ;))

OK - that’s seven things about me -

I have almost 1000 posts -
So if you want to know more about me -
I’m sure that you can find something interesting in there somewhere - ;))

And if you REALLY want to get to know me -
Read Quilter BOB -
Start at the beginning -
And read it like a book -
Chapter by chapter -
Post by post - ;))
(A book is like a text - only slower - ;))


#3 - Nominate 10 other bloggers for the award.

As A Left-Handed Quilter -
I have to constantly REVERSE IT -
Whatever IT may be -

So here’s where I’m going to switch it up -

There are SOOOOOOO MANY wonderful blogs out there -
That I’m going to REVERSE IT -

If you want to be nominated -

Leave me a comment and say so - ;))


Now BOB/I would like to add one more -

#4 - Tell the people you nominate - so that they can say Thank You - ;))

Chantal and I had a very funny -

And very awkward conversation about that - ;))

THANK YOU again - Chantal -

I’m flattered - honored - and all of that stuff - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

Monday, May 4, 2015

Design Wall Monday - 5/4/15

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. -
At Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

On my wall today -

The Churn Dash blocks from long ago - ;))

The rest of them are on the LEFT wall -
In the hallway -

Along with a Christmas top -
And a Thanksgiving wallhanging -
Both of which need stitching around the letters -
On the RIGHT wall -
In the hallway - ;))

I didn't get much sewing done this week -
But I did do a bit of re-arranging -

AGAIN - ;))

I had set up the two folding tables -
That had been smooshed in my sewing room/studio -
In an “L” shape in front of the fireplace -
With my sunken table in front - ;))

My Husqvarna Lily 555 (Lily) is set up with her custom walking foot -
For quilting “in the ditch” and sewing on bindings - ;))

I moved her from in front of the fireplace -
In the family room -

To my sewing room -
Under the design wall -

Next to SuzieQ -
My Brother SQ9050 -
In front of the window - ;))

Lily is set up to do "in-the-ditch" quilting -
With her custom walking foot -
But I couldn't quite get used to going into the family room -
To sew on her - ;))

I think part of my problem is -

That I don't usually sew in my FAMILY room -

I sew in my SEWING room -

So I moved her - ;))

I think she and SuzieQ will be very happy together -
And the other two can keep each other company -
In the family room - ;))

I moved them off of the kitchen table -

And onto the large white tables -
Where they have a bit more "elbow" room - ;))

On the TV tray to the right of Lily -
Is a stack of placemats -
That need to be quilted -

I made them "envelope-style" -
And want to do some "in-the-ditch" quilting first -
And then maybe some Free-Motion Quilting - ;))

The backing is a very pretty batik -
That I have had for years -
I figured that I might as well USE it - ;))

So the new plan is to piece on SuzieQ -
And quilt "in-the-ditch" on Lily -
In my sewing room -

And then get myself in gear -
To practice my Free-Motion Quilting in the family room - ;))

Don't laugh - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


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