Wednesday, October 24, 2018

A little testing -

Goes a long way - ;))

First - a couple of almost-done CRUMB blocks -

This one is a tad short -

I could add the Yellow to the top - but it's not quite long enough -

So I could add another little Orange piece to the end -

Or keep it simple and add a longer Purple strip instead -

I decided to keep it simple - I had other things to do - LOL -

And I didn't bother to sew it to the paper -

Just used the paper to see if the block was big enough -

And it was - so I trimmed it to size - ;))

Next up - I put this one in the corner -

And added a Blue piece to the lower right corner - sewing through the paper -

And came up short - UGH -

Oh, well - tore off the paper - un-sewed the blue piece -

Tried it again with another piece of paper and a different Blue scrap -

Finished it off -

And decided that it was easier to use the paper for a size guide - tear it off -
then trim the block to size -

So - two down - and time to try the KITE STRING block - ;))

Made one and die cut a couple of sets of "wings" -

Thinking that one would go on the RIGHT side -

And the other on the LEFT side -

Nope - it doesn't go THAT way -

It goes THIS way -

So what I thought were BOTH sides of the KITE - are NOT -

They are all the SAME side -

In order to get MIRROR images - I'll have to cut them in sets of two with RIGHT SIDES TOGETHER - the die instructions say to cut strips and then fanfold the fabric to cut pairs - I didn't fanfold - my mistake -

And NOW I know that - so I'm glad I tested it before I cut them ALL out - ;))

And as far as trimming the KITE piece BEFORE or AFTER tearing off the paper -


I decided it was easier to tear all the paper off first and then run it through the die cutter again - trying to trim it to match the paper was too tedious - each one needs SIX cuts because there are the obvious four sides AND two itty-bitty cuts on the pointy end - the notches needed to match the "wing" piece - ;))

I'll try some more tomorrow -

See if I can streamline my "system" - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

Those mirror image pieces will get you every time if you aren't really paying attention. I almost never cut out everything first for that very reason. But I can still mess it up. LOL

Jeanna said...

Oh...NOW I get it (crumbs). Oh boy do I have the makings for some crumbs.


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