Saturday, October 6, 2018

Between chores -

Some progress was actually made on my Autumn Squirrel -

Not much - but some - LOL - ;))

Because I'm using a 5-step block - which doesn't always show the diagonal as strongly as a 6-step block does - I decided to use the Dark Brown as the dominant diagonal color in each block - and pressed each strip segment based on the Dark Brown patch going OUT -

I may have to re-press later -

But I'll worry about that LATER - LOL - ;))

I like how you can turn the block 4 different ways - to get the fabrics/colors going different directions - depending on which fabric/color you want where -

I had said - when I made my Upstairs/Downstairs - HERE - that I made two versions - because -
In case you're wondering why there are two versions -

It's because you can't just take a Downstairs block and turn it upside down -
To get an Upstairs block -

The sequence of colors changes from the top to the bottom -
But the DIAGONAL color AND DIRECTION does NOT change - ;))
BUT - what I had forgotten - was that you can turn the block ONE QUARTER TURN to the left or to the right and get the OTHER DIAGONAL - DUH!! - I swear - these "senior moments" are the pits - sometimes my brain shorts out on me - and I never know if/when it will happen - but I do try to correct myself - if/when I realize my mistake - ;))

So - four down -

Five to go -

And then - a few days later -

All nine up on the wall - ;))

I still have to sew the top together - then I need to mess with the back - but more chores are waiting their turn - so it may take me a while - it's my own fault - I've let my paperwork pile up and now I have to deal with it -

So - stay tuned - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I like the way this comes out with two different centers surrounded by the brown diagonals.
PS I try to keep the paperwork monster under control by doing it as it comes in.

Katie said...

Pretty fall colors! And who cares if you had a senior moment? You figured it out on your own, so its obviously not THAT bad! Good luck with the paperwork - that's never anyone's favorite thing...

Julie Fukuda said...

Well. that squirrel is hopping along nicely, Makes me think it might be time to get out my autumn runners.

Jeanna said...

I like the colors in these blocks. Good luck with the paperwork.


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