Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 12/10/13

Here’s to quilt bloggers/teachers who include rotary cutting instructions for Lefties when they post a tutorial -

May others be inspired to do the same - ;))


Rotary cutting according to pattern instructions -

Can be a challenge for Lefties -

Because the photos are usually Right-Handed -

And backwards -

Since we Lefties normally cut -

From the OTHER end of the strip - ;))

So kudos to those who include instructions for ME -

And other Lefties like me - ;))

I have posted some tutorials -

For other Left-Handed Quilters -

Written in Leftish - ;))

They can be found under the page/tab labeled -

Left-Handed Quilting -

At the top of this blog - ;))

Scroll down until you find -

The section titled Rotary Cutting -

And you will find tutorials -

And reviews of some rulers -

Which include how I use each one - ;))

I have tons of other rulers that I have never used -

Because I haven’t taken the time to figure out -

How to use them Left-Handed -

So I could/should try to figure them out -

In this next coming year -

And post some more tutorials - ;))

((YAY - another TUIT - Ruler Tutorials - ;))

And may others be inspired to do the same -

Because -

I really don’t think that we can have -

TOO MANY Left-Handed tutorials -

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. some rulers are hard enough to figure out rightish! Sometimes I think one needs to be a contorionist to cut something - I guess that when one of those turning mats come into play...

    1. Haha - I have one of those turning mats - it doesn't help - ;))


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