Tuesday, December 31, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 12/31/13

Here's to Blogger's user-friendly Search Box -

May readers be adventurous and enjoy exploring blogs in the New Year - ;))


I received an email from a new reader a while ago -

Asking/complaining about my acronyms -

And references -

And I replied -
Letters to name things - Thanks for telling me!! I forget sometimes that people may just drop in and not know what I'm talking about - and I have mixed feelings about that. On the one hand - I have the same complaint about some of the blogs that I visit - and I don't want to alienate new readers by referring to stuff they haven't read about. But on the other hand - a little bit of blog exploring is fun - and I hate to have to repeat myself ad nauseam for those who read me regularly. I do try to explain the abbreviations in the posts themselves but some of the titles of posts have abbreviations to save space because Blogger cuts them off at a certain point. AND - I think that some abbreviations are obvious - or at least they should be - ;)) LHQ is Left-Handed Quilter - and my LHQSQ has a page/tab at the top called LHQSQ - LHQ Sampler Quilt. The only other one what might be weird is LTRTCWSA - and for that one - you should follow the link - and read the post - haha - ;))
Now I know what I have already written -

But what I don’t know -

Is how much of it -

You have already read - ;))

I have no way of knowing if you are a new reader -
Who wants/needs a bunch of links and explanations -

Or a regular reader -
Who already knows what I'm talking about -

And since I can't please everybody -

I have decided to please myself - ;))
GARDEN PARTY - anyone?? - ;))

So - in the spirit of the New Year -

And in the spirit of New Adventures in Blogland -

I am going to try to save myself a considerable amount of some time -

Time that I would rather spend SEWING -

And not bother much with labeling my posts -

Or linking back to some of my older posts -

Or explaining my references ad nauseam - ;))

I will continue to try to give credit where credit is due -

And will link to OTHER stuff and OTHER blogs, of course -


If you are interested in finding out more -
About anything on MY blog -
Such as the RACE -
Or Squirrels -

I’m going to ask YOU to do a bit of exploring -

RACE or race -
Or LTRTCWSA or ltrtcwsa -
Or SQUIRRELS or squirrels -

In the Search Box up top - ;))

And in case you don't already know -

EVERY Blogger blog has a Search Box up top -

It's that empty little WHITE box in the top LEFT corner -

Next to the ORANGE box with the WHITE "B" in it - ;))

You can search ANY Blogger blog -

For ANY thing -

ANY time -

And find out ALL KINDS OF STUFF - ;))

So try it -

RACE or race -
In my Search Box -

And read the posts -

Then go over to Linda's blog - HERE -

And do the same thing - ;))

We'll RACE YOU!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

I know the race isn't over.... Sort of an on-going 'event'.. I think you and Linda have left me in the dust at this point. Maybe this next year I'll catch up :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Don't worry about catching up, Katie - it's a New Year and a New Race. Besides, anyone who participates automatically WINS because we always declare it a TIE at the end. The Race is just about playing with Christmas stuff all year long and not waiting until after Thanksgiving to start - and whether or not you actually finish anything is irrelevant - it's all about the playing - ;))

Linda said...

A few more hours and here we go again ..... Let the race begin! ;-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

I thought that we started the day after Christmas - so I'm already ahead - haha. Just kidding - I haven't done anything yet - we can start tomorrow if you want - ;))


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