Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Playing with some Squirrels -

Yesterday I decided to play with some SQUIRRELS -

As a reward for making such good progress -
My version of Easy Street - HERE - ;))

Of all of the box tops filled with goodies -

I chose the one with QST - HST - 4-Patches - squares and triangles - ;))

The Christmasey HST will be added to my Christmas stuff -
But these HST got cut in half -

And re-matched -

And sewn into QST - ;))

These looked like leftover “Disappearing 9-Patch” pieces -
And - since I had eight of them -
I could have made a couple of 4-patches -

But I decided to cut them down the middle of the "fat" side -

Switched up the pairs -
Turned the left one up-side down -

And resewed them back together -
To get some of these - ;))

Then I found the pretty Turquoise strip segments -

I could make 4-patches -

Or a staggered - bargello kinda thingy -

But I decided to just cut them all down the middle -
For a bunch of crumb strips -
I LOVE the motion in that top fabric - ;))

Next came the HST -

The blue and tan ones made pretty QST -

And the rest made pretty QST as well -

Except for that bottom one -
It didn’t have a mate -
So I just added the halves to the stack of triangles - ;))

The four pink and black QST -
Reminded me of my Ladies - HERE -

So they might find themselves in the backing -
When I ever get around to making that - haha - ;))
(Note to self - make the backs to the tops that you already made - ;))

I didn’t do anything with the squares or triangles in the box top -
Just added my bits -
And called it a day - ;))

The BEST part of this PLAYtime -

Was that it was PLAY -


No CERTAIN SIZE to make -

NO IDEA what I’m going to do with them -

But that’s OK -

Not EVERYTHING in life is planned -

So I have kinda learned to -

Sometimes just GO with it -

And try to endure enjoy the ride - ;))

Today I will probably get back to Easy Street Detour -

A girl needs SOME planned bits - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Sometimes it's nice just to see what's in the scrap bin and what you can do with it...

    1. And it's fun to go through someone else's scraps and find little treasures and goodies - ;)) By the way - two of the yardage pieces you sent me found their way into my Easy Street Detour border/sides/corners - THANKS - the colors were PERFECT!! - ;))

  2. Almost makes me want to get a machine. Fun day!

    1. VERY fun day! - and MUCH more fun than the "ducks" that I played with yesterday and today. I'm hoping to get back to more FUN tomorrow - ;))

  3. I like what you did with the D9P leftovers. Such a popular quilt but not all of them turn out well, IMHO. Some do. I know there is a one tutorial out there that all I see if big blobs of green fabric marching across the top. ugh

    1. Thanks - I'm not a fan of big blobs of color marching across a quilt either and it was an easy way to make it look like I did a lot of work sewing little pieces - haha - ;))


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