Saturday, September 6, 2014

QJ - Warm Wishes (#1)


Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted
Lap Size - 45" x 60"
Started - May 12, 2004
Completed - August 16, 2004

Made for a Dear Friend -

Pattern - Warm Wishes
Designed by Sherri Bain Driver, GM Senior Editor -
"Quiltmaker" - #94 - Nov/Dec ' 03

My friend’s passion was chrysanthemums and she won numerous awards -

I found a beautiful pink/peach Japanese style floral with gorgeous "mums" and some turquoise, pink, and yellow batiks -

I thought the "Warm Wishes" pattern would be perfect. I had to piece the borders to bring it up to lap size and ran out of fabric on the bottom left so I used some turquoise -

I used a "Warm & Natural" batt and quilted diagonally across the blocks. The combination of batik fabric and the batt made it feel very stiff. It also turned out much "pink-er" that I originally thought it would be. It is really bright - but the colors are "happy" colors and she said that she liked it - so that's good -

The label says it all -

"Friends are the perennials in the garden of life" - ;))

QJ - 2004


  1. Hey there, thank you SO much for the kind comments!! It's been a fun and crazy ride. I really appreciate your kudos!!

    1. You deserve it!! - You worked hard to get to where you are now - ENJOY it!! - And I can always say that I knew you before you got famous - haha - ;))

    2. Oh boy, that's funny!!! Yes, you must visit me at my summer home in Europe some day!

    3. Gee, thanks for the invitation - BOB may take you up on that some day - ;))


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