Thursday, September 11, 2014

QJ - Harmonic Convergence (#1)


Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted
Lap Size - 45" x 60"
Started - June 24, 2004
Completed - November 14, 2004

Made for my sister

Pattern - Harmonic Convergence
Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts (c) 2003

With Border Layout - from Pg 36 -
Blue-Green Convergence -
By Lynn Koolish - Berkeley, CA
36” x 36”, 2001

I wanted to make a quilt for my sister and asked her for a sample of her carpet for color matching. I took the carpet sample to the local quilt store and looked around at the fabric -

My sister is not into the cutsey or country styles and nothing caught my eye. While I was looking at the fabric - I spotted Ricky Tims' book -
I really wanted to try that technique after I finished her quilt -

I also spotted some “new-to-me-then” batiks and thought that someday I would make something using batiks. So I'm standing there in front of the batiks with the carpet sample and the book when it hit me - make her a quilt from the book using the batiks - duh!! -

I only needed 4 fabrics so I found a light and dark yellow batik and a light and dark autumn colored batik. I also got a dark green batik for the teeny-tiny inner border -

The technique is easy but looks really complex - just the way I like it!! -

I used a "soft curves" technique by Alex Anderson for quilting the center portion and quilted a grid in the border -

My sister said that it matched her family room sofas so well that she used it there until Christmas - then she put it upstairs in her office where it belonged - ;))

QJ - 2004


  1. I have that book and have enjoyed both making the convergence designs AND just looking at the pictures. It has some great "quilt eye candy" in it.

    1. You are SO right! - It is one of my all-time favorite books/patterns. I've made four convergence quilts so far and have enjoyed making each and every one - ;))

  2. I've done a couple "Convergence" quilts - they were on the smaller size.
    Like the colors in this one.

    1. Thanks, Katie - I experimented with the size of the starter blocks and came up with a lap size for mine - and the colors worked well with the carpet sample so it was fun to make - ;))


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