Saturday, May 30, 2015

Churn Dash Update

Yesterday I played with the Churn Dash a little - ;))

Have I told you lately how much I LOVE 9-patches? - ;))

They are my FAVORITE block to piece - ;))

The pressing always seems to work out -


IF I pay attention - ;))

This technique has been around forever -

And I am NOT the one to think it up -

But I LOVE it just the same - ;))

When I make the block -

I press the top and bottom rows -

TOWARD the CENTER unit -

And the middle row -

AWAY FROM the CENTER unit - ;))

SO -

After I sew the rows together -

And the block is complete -

I press AWAY FROM the CENTER unit -

AGAIN - ;))

That way I have seams going BOTH ways -

Some TOWARD the CENTER unit -

And some AWAY FROM the CENTER unit -

And can give the block a quarter turn -

To get opposing seams - ;))

I took the two 4-patches off the wall -

And sewed them together for the first two rows -

Then I changed my mind about trying to assemble the rest of it -

In 4-patches - ;))

There are only four blocks per row -

So "row assembly" is actually easier - ;))

After I got that together -

I pulled off the blocks for the next row -

And laid them all out -

Wrong side up -

To check which way to orient the blocks - ;))

See - this won't work -

But if I turn it a quarter turn to the right or left -
I get opposing seams for the row above - ;))

Then the side seam is whatever it is -
And the next block can be rotated to oppose its seams -

Which automatically sets up the top of the block -
To get opposing seams for the row above - ;))

After the blocks were oriented correctly -
I sewed them together to make the third row -
Then laid them out to check which way to press the new seams - ;))

Starting from the right-hand side -
Match the opposing seams on the first block -

Press this seam to the left -

The second block has opposing seams -

The next seam gets pressed to the right -

The next block has opposing seams -

The next seam gets pressed to the left -

After I fix this one - ;))

When I got the fixing done -

And re-pressed all of the seams -

I added the new row to the rest of it -

And that's as far as a I got - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Certainly when sewing by machine you need a system or you can end up with seems sewed in two directions,
    Maybe that is one reason I like sewing by hand ... even so, ironing sometimes gets goofed up.

    1. And sometimes the seams decide to go their own way - so I let them - ;))


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