Wednesday, February 6, 2013

More "Office" stuff -

I have been pushing paper -

And pushing paper -

And pushing more paper - ;))

Reminds me of a video I saw a long time ago -

On that home video TV show -

A dog pushing a rock with his nose -

Pushing a rock -

Pushing a rock -

That’s me - ;))

Anyway -

In the middle of all of the “Office” stuff -

We had to buy a new printer -

HP Deskjet 2512 -
$44.00 at Sam’s Club -

Replacement ink cartridges -
Cost about $51.00 -

So -

Let me see if I understand this -

When we run out of ink -

I can spend $51.00 and get two ink cartridges - one black - one tri-color -

OR -

I can spend $44.00 and get two ink cartridges - one black - one tri-color - AND a printer -

Right?? - ;))

I can spend LESS $$$ AND a get a FREE Printer?!?!?! -

You gotta luv today's marketing geniuses - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. And... if you donate the 'old' printer to Goodwill or other charity thrift shop - you get the tax deduction.... I'm in need of new ink cartridges, think I'll go look at printers :-)

    1. Haha - I thought that you would like this one - ;))

  2. Gosh, that sounds like a re-run of Tuesday! Maybe the printers are conspiring (Or is it the manufacturers)... or the guy who knows just how long to make the guarantee.

    1. ...or like the guy who wants me to buy an extended warranty/guarantee to replace whatever it is - "just in case it breaks during the first year". Then when I ask him, "Why, if it breaks during the first year, would I want another one just like it?", he looks at me funny. Now it's cheaper to buy a whole new printer WITH cartridges than it is to buy just the cartridges by themselves. I remember taking Marketing classes in college - but I must have been sick the day they taught this stuff - ;))

  3. That stinks---and I grumble every time I have to replace mine. DJ had me printing tax forms, salient points from the manuals and schedule forms for this and that. Yep, one of them had to be replaced. Think I can ask him to pony up the 20 bucks that cost?

    1. So buy a new printer - you get new cartridges and the printer is FREE - ;))

  4. Where my mom works, that is exactly what they do/did (not sure if they still do). They have/had a room with a bunch of used printers because it was less costly to go buy a new one with ink already in it. Crazy world we live in.

    1. Amazing, isn't? You would think that someone would notice - ;))


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