Friday, August 28, 2015

Halloween Sudoku - Border Auditions -

I decided that if I use the border/corner technique -
That Judy Sisneros suggests in her book -
"9-Patch Pizzazz" - (c) 2006 - C&T Publishing, Inc. -
That I could maybe get away with using a fat quarter for the border -

So I dug through my stash -
And pulled some possibilities -
And put them up on the design wall - ;))

Decided I didn't like the gray -
Took it off -
And moved the one on the far right to the bottom -
And switched out the one on the left - ;))

Close-up of the new one on the left -
One of the Sudoku nine -
A medium orange -
Obviously goes with the other fabrics - ;))

Close-up of the top one -
Darker orange with cute spiders -
Definitely says "Halloween" - ;))

Close-up of the one on the right -
Nice orange pumpkins with gold highlights -
Though maybe more suitable for Thanksgiving - ;))

Close-up of the one on the bottom -
It really is more "orange" than "yellow" -
A possible maybe - ;))

Close-up of the first one that was on the left -
Before I switched it out -
A pretty and elegant looking spiderweb with a touch of green - ;))

And then there's the stack of other possibilities - ;))

On my last post - Gerda suggested that I try a lighter "beige" border -
So I dug out a couple of those to audition as well - ;))

The one on the left is pretty light -
A "beige" on white -
Which is difficult to photograph - ;))

The one on the right is more "beige" -
And just as difficult to see - :))

So what do you think about the ones on the wall so far? - ;))

I'm kinda leaning toward the "top" one -
The orange with black spiders -
It definitely says "Halloween" -
And besides - what else am I going to use it for? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

I think either of the fabrics with the spider webs would work well. The one with the obvious spiders pulls out the black sashing yet allows the colors of the blocks to shine... It's a fun quilt no matter what...

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie - that's the one I chose - great minds DO think alike - I'll share when I get the corners to cooperate - ;))


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