Friday, October 9, 2015

Two Epic Fails -

I was sorting though some stuff -

Trying to get a bit more organized -

Key word "trying" -

When I happened upon two Epic Fails - ;))

Epic Fail #1 -

Dimensions Needlepoint -
#2117 - Unicorn Fantasy
Designed by Timothy Glenn -
16" x 14" without mat
(c) 1979 Dimensions, Inc.

And -

Epic Fail #2 -

Floral Pillow -
Alice Peterson Hand Painted Canvas -
(c) Brentwood Designs - #6050

I still have the cover sheet and unused yarn for the Unicorn Fantasy - so I can give proper credit to the designer - but the only thing I have on the Floral Pillow is the canvas that says (c) Brentwood Designs - #6050 and an instruction sheet with the name - Alice Peterson Co. across the top. I had no idea what the name of the project is - or who the designer might be - until I found a link - HERE. It appears to be the same design - but I certainly did not pay $64.99 for it at the time - ;))

Each of these Epic Fails has a story - but first let me explain that since I am Left-Handed - I needlepoint UPSIDE DOWN in order to get the stitches to slant in the proper direction. It seems to me that the canvas is printed with a Right-Handed stitcher in mind in that the design curves are slanted from the top right to the bottom left and would look jagged if the stitches were slanted from the top left to the bottom right. Probably one reason I don't needlepoint much any more - I don't particularly care for stitching something UPSIDE DOWN - it would be much more enjoyable if I could watch it come together as I was working on it. But they were portable and didn't require a sewing machine - so they served their purpose - ;))

Unicorn Fantasy -

I bought the Unicorn Fantasy as a project to work on while I waited for my husband to pick me up from work. We had one car at the time - I had the longest commute - so he would take me to work in the morning - go to his job - and pick me up when he got off work. I had a lot of time to kill and needed something to do - and the Unicorn Fantasy was that something - ;))

It took me a LONG time to finish it - and when I did - I gave it to a co-worker - whose father had a dry-cleaning store - to get it blocked for me. I waited and waited for it to come back to me - and when I asked the co-worker about it - he told me that they had lost it. He apologized - but that didn't do me any good. It took me FOREVER to do - and they LOST it!! BOB was pi$$ed (still am) - but there wasn't a d@mn thing I could do about it. I think I kept the cover sheet and the yarn all these years to remind myself that I did actually make it - even though I can't show it to anyone - ;))

Flower Pillow -

I really liked the design on this one. I liked how the flowers along the sides and in the corners all pointed toward the center. I may make an appliqued pillow top with similar flowers someday because I think it is THAT cool - ;))

As I said above - I have the instruction sheet - one part of which states -
Do not be discouraged when you find your canvas distorting as you work on it.
This is normal and can be corrected by blocking when the piece is finished.
I made a BIG mistake - I believed them and didn't use a frame - ;))

When I finished this one - I gave it to a friend to block for me. She tried - she REALLY did - but this is the best that she could do. I may try to block it again myself - or I may make it into a diamond shaped pillow - haven't decided yet - ;))

One thing though -

You can bet your sweet bippy -

That I will use a frame -

The next time I needlepoint something -

Considering all of the luck I've had with "blocking" the finished project - ;))

So -

Have you ever had an Epic Fail -

Or is it just me? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

If they lost my project, I would certainly be pissed too.

Katie M. said...

Epic fail? huh... well, I, too, had a 'crewel' project that my daughter finished after 20 years of being half done....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Gene - it has been MANY years - and I can still remember him telling me that they had lost it. I was speechless!! How COULD they?? He didn't do it, of course - so I couldn't really blame him. But at the same time - he offered no other explanation and made no attempt to make it up to me. I think that that upset me more than losing the project - so I did blame him even though it wasn't really his fault. He could have offered to buy me another project to replace the lost one - but he didn't - and I was in "pissed" mode so I didn't think to ask. So I not only lost the project that day - I also lost a friend. It's sad - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hi, Katie - Twenty years?? Is that all?? I have UFOs/Projects/Squirrels WAAAAAAY older than that - haha. Good for you for having your daughter finish it up for you - ;))

Julie Fukuda said...

I have never used a frame or had trouble blocking projects and made quitd a few in days past, but then, I made up my own designs instead of trying those of others.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hi, Julie - I think my problem is that I try to make the stitch in one motion. I would probably have less distortion if I did it in 2 steps - (1) up through one hole and (2) then down the next hole. My next project is already stapled to a frame - that should pretty much insure that I will have to do the 2-step when I get to it - ;))


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