Saturday, April 9, 2016

How soon I forget -

I didn't realize that it has been over a month since I did any Free-Motion Quilting.

I have said before that I am a S-L-O-W P-O-K-E Quilter so it should come as no surprise - least of all to me - that it took me that long to get those practice blocks made into a full-blown quilt.

I put them all together as a "quilt-as-you-go" quilt and still have to quilt the sashing and borders - so I plan to use those areas for more "practice". And since it has been over a month - I am totally "out of practice" and I have managed to forget most of what I thought I had learned. I need to go back and re-watch that class and re-do all of the lessons - but that is one of the best parts about getting a Craftsy class.

OK - so now I'm going to sound like a commercial/ad for Craftsy.

Craftsy classes are online videos of course - but - unlike some other classes that I have seen offered - once I buy the class - it is available to me 24/7 - any day - any time - FOREVER. All I have to do is go to the Craftsy site - sign in to my account and choose the class that I want to watch - then watch it - haha. You can download the "class materials" list - ask the teacher questions - and share your projects. And the classes have a "pause" button and a "30-sec repeat" feature that is really cool. You can watch the teacher - hit repeat - and replay what she just did. You can replay the lesson - or the whole class - which is what I plan to do.

These practice blocks are from the class - Free Motion Quilting Essentials with Christina Cameli. The "class materials" list includes the patterns for the blocks and each lesson uses three of them. Christina shows you how to quilt various designs in large squares - small squares - corner triangles - in wedges going from small to large or large to small - and how to go around corners. It truly does cover the Essentials. At the end of the class you will have 15 blocks ready to be assembled in a "quilt-as-you-go" quilt.

I have tried FMQ before - many times - and failed. This class is TERRIFIC!!

The best thing is that I'm not afraid of FMQ designs any more. I may not be able to do them well at first - but I know now that I CAN do them! All I have to do is PRACTICE!

Now I could/would give you the link to her blog or to the Craftsy site - but my bloggy buddy, Gene Black - is an "affiliate" and gets a small "stipend" if you go to his blog and click through and purchase - so I'll give you a link to his blog instead - HERE. I don't mind supporting my friends - and the "stipend" might be enough to keep him in supplies and/or fabric.

DISCLAIMER - Gene Black's blog states that - "Links in posts may be affiliate links for which I am compensated if you click through and purchase."

EDIT UPDATE - I forgot to mention that your cost is the same whether you sign up with Craftsy - or through Christina's blog - or through Gene's blog. The "stipend" is paid by Craftsy - not you - ;))

Last night I watched part of another class - Creative Quilting With Your Walking Foot with Jacquie Gering. I have some tops that might be better quilted with my walking foot - so I'm going to get some of them basted and ready to go. If I get bored with one class/technique - I can always switch to the other one.

That pile of unquilted tops should keep me busy for quite a while.

And that's not counting the "backs" that need to be made - and the bags of blocks - scraps - strips - and half-done projects that are lying around - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

DISCLAIMER - GeneBlack's blog states that - "Links in posts may be affiliate links for which I am compensated if you click through and purchase."



Frog Quilter said...

I free motion quilted probably for a year before it was second nature. Don't let that scare you, it's all worth it and more. Quilting is a never ending cycle of learning. So keep going, you'll be so glad you did.

Gene Black said...

Thanks for the "advert" for me. I do appreciate it when I make a bit to cover supplies.
I will remind you to make a practice pad and do a bit on it before you start quilting on the sashings and borders. :)

Sew Surprising said...

Glad to see your cracking along with your FMQ'ing :) I have the Jacquie Gering class and really enjoyed it but I think thats becauae Ive bonded with my walking foot it never comes off just wish they made one with a 1/4 " guide like the foot would be perfect :)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, lady - I know I will need to practice for quite a while before I get any good at it - but it's FUN - so I really don't mind. I've been quilting for a LONG time and still like to learn new things - keeps me busy - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

You're welcome, Gene - and thanks for the reminder - I found several "practice" pads to use to "warm up" before I start to "play" - and they're right next to the machine - so I don't forget - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, lady - I only watched the first lesson of Jacquie's class where she talked about the walking foot. I haven't checked mine - but I think there might be 1/4" markings of some sort on it that I never paid attention to before - I do know that I have the "quilt guide" - I use that all of the time to keep my lines straight - ;))


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