Thursday, June 23, 2016

Taking inventory -

No photos today - but I DID "take inventory" of my UFOs/Projects/Squirrels to see what was what and which ones were in each "stage" of completion - and then I reorganized my list on the page/tab at the top of my blog - ;))

I knew that I had quite a few things "in progress" - but goodness gracious - I had forgotten just how MANY things are on that list - ;))

Oh, well - all the more to use for practice - right? - ;))

I tried to sort them in some semblance of order and to group them so that I can try to tackle them in "batches" - so we'll see how that goes - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Good luck with your organizing.

    1. Thanks, Gene - organizing has always been kinda FUN to me - making lists - sorting things and making little piles of stuff - guess it's my OCD - ;))

  2. Sounds like a lot of organization ;-) When I know I have several quilts that need quilting and I'm just not in the mood - I have to stack them in a pile where I see them everyday - gives me the incentive to get them done and 'out of my face'....

    1. I like to make lists - so I did that part first - ;)) Next will be getting the stacks sorted - and great minds DO think alike - I have a chair in the family room next to my "Lily" where I plan to pile the ones that are basted and ready to quilt - they will be "in my face" for sure - ;))

  3. You make me laugh. I thought I had a lot of balls in the air, but you take the cake. OMG. I know I am easily distractable and impulsive, but I think you have me beat. Your effort to get a handle on it is laudable. I just pretty much ignore the things I don't want to work on.

    1. Glad I made you laugh - ;)) Sometimes I think that I have the attention span of a gnat - but then sometimes I just get BORED or FRUSTRATED with a project after I make a few blocks and move on to something else. Sometimes I wind up with a pile of blocks because I can't decide on a layout. Sometimes I get the top together and then can't afford to get it quilted so it just sits there because I don't have the confidence to try to quilt it myself - and/or I see another "Squirrel" - ;)).

      I really do ENJOY the process - so it doesn't bother me that I have a lot of projects "in progress" - but now that I'm trying to learn how to Free-Motion Quilt - I don't see any point in making the "class project" when I have a bunch of unfinished tops waiting to be quilted. I just have to sort them out to see which ones will suit my purpose - ;))


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