Sunday, June 19, 2016

A little bit of quilting going on -

I'm having so much fun "quilting" that I almost forgot to blog - ;))

The yellow sashes between the blocks and the rows on my practice piece from the Craftsy class - Free-Motion Quilting Essentials with Christina Cameli are done. I tried to quilt a different design in each sash section. I still have the borders to do - but I plan to use them for practice areas for her "Secrets" and "Wild" classes - when I get there - ;))

I also got the grid cross-hatch quilting done on the Christmas embroidered block table topper - 3 x 3. I used my walking foot for that -

And then added some Free-Motion "scribbles" in the background of the embroidered blocks - ;))

Then I trimmed and bound the Blue/Yellow placemat -

It's not perfect -

But it's quilted - ;))

I'm trying to practice my Free-Motion quilting a little each day and find it a bit disruptive to have to take time out to either make a backing and then layer/baste it - or trim up a piece - or make some binding and then attach it -

It's waaaaay more fun to FMQ - so I might have to switch to "batch mode" - ;))

In the past - the largest "batch" was always the one of quilt tops that need backing and quilting -

Something tells me that's about to change to the one of quilted quilts that need trimming and binding - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Your FMQ is looking good. I think Craftsy classes are the greatest. Convenient and worth every penny.

    1. Thanks, Karen - I'm not THERE yet - but I'm working on it. And I totally agree about Craftsy classes - reasonably priced (when on sale) - and access 24/7 - forever - what's not to like? - ;))

  2. I am happy to see you getting braver with your FMQ. I have been working on a quilt top for a project so my FMQ has just been doodling the last couple of days. I really do find that the doodling helps.

    1. Thanks, Gene - "Brave" is a really good word. Having watched Christina's class several times now - I like how relaxed she is about the whole process. She isn't sloppy but she does make some "mistakes" and takes them in stride. I've said it before - and I'll say it again - the BEST part is that I'm not "afraid" of FMQ anymore - I CAN do it! My "mistakes" are "normal" for this part of the learning curve - and it's a HUGE learning curve - so I'm giving myself time - ;))

  3. It's all looking really great! Sometimes I wish there had been more sit down quilters available when I bought my frame set up....

    1. Thanks, Katie - I don't have a fancy sit-down quilter system - I'm just using one of my older mechanical machines in a drop-down table. The table makes a HUGE difference in that it gives me a nice, big, flat surface to push stuff around. And it's lower - so it's much easier on my back/shoulders than my old set up when I had the sewing machine/extension table on top of the kitchen table - ;))


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