Sunday, November 11, 2012

QJ - Green/Rose Quilt


Pre-printed panels of Rose Medallions - 4 x 6 SQ
Machine Pieced
Hand Tied
Started - January 23, 1995
Completed - May 20, 1995

Made for our daughter and her husband -

As you can almost see from the scan -

Their cat likes it, too - ;))

She likes green and I wanted to try out my new basting gun -

So after checking for a one-way layout - I laid the panels side by side -

Trimmed the inner border 1/4" from the Rose Square on each panel -

And sewed the panels together down the center (1/4" seam) -

I used the trimmed inner borders for the top and bottom borders -

And did not miter the borders -

I centered them at the diamond at the center seam -

Attached the binding to the quilt top only -

Basted with the staple gun and hand tied it -

I trimmed the back and batting -

Turned the binding to the back and hand stitched it down -

Won First Place at the County Fair in August 1995

QJ - 1995


Linda C said...

Very pretty! Are they still using it or did you replace it with another in the interim?

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks! - To answer your questions - no - and no. It was loved to death and I have not yet made them one to replace it - ;))


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