Thursday, November 8, 2012

SuzieQ - First Look -

So I was a good girl -

And I watched the instructional DVD -

And wound a bobbin -

And threaded her -

And sewed a few test stitches - ;))

She sews a pretty decent stitch -

And her 1/4” inch foot works really well -

My HST came out at 2-1/2” like it was supposed to -
The photo is at an angle to cut down on the glare -

And my two little pieces cut 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” -
Came out at 2-1/2” square - YAY!! -

She even has a “Stipple stitch” - Stitch #49 -
The one in the middle - I was fiddling with the stitch width and length -
But the ones on the left and on the right are at the default settings -

And a “Lazy Daisy stitch” - Stitch #27 -

And a “Loopy” decorative stitch - Stitch #75 -

I still need to do a proper REVIEW -

But so far - I think I LIKE her - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I love that lazy daisy and the loopy stitch! Good that it seems to be sewing an accurate seam too. Did it come with a quarter inch foot or you can change the needle position to produce it?

    Have fun playing with it!

  2. The "lazy daisy" and "loopy" stitches are just a couple of the decorative stitches - it has a BUNCH more - ;))

    There are actually THREE ways to do a 1/4" seam. It came with a 1/4" foot AND it has TWO different stitch settings for 1/4" seams - one from the RIGHT edge of the fabric and one from the LEFT edge of the fabric. You can use the default settings for those stitches AND/OR you can adjust the needle position - ;))

    I'm having LOTS of fun - thanks! - ;))

  3. Instruction book? I'm sure I've heard of those...somewhere....


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