Monday, September 12, 2016

Design Wall Monday - 9/12/16

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. -
At Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

On my wall today -
One quarter of a potential Drunkard's Path "block" - ;))

I don't have enough "units" yet to make a full "block" - and I don't have much variety at this stage - but I thought I would show you guys part of a "block". Each "block" has 36 "units" and will finish at 24" square. I won't need many "blocks" - but I will need a couple hundred "units" - ;))

The pattern is from an old book/magazine and I have NO idea which one. I have several hundred books and over 40 years worth of magazines - so who knows where I found it. All I have is a black/white copy of Page #48 with a picture of the "Around the World Quilt" - that tells me that "Step-by-step instructions for making this classic block design quilt begin on page 47." It doesn't tell me which book/magazine - so that doesn't help me locate the instructions or the pattern -

But who needs a pattern? -

I took the copy and counted the blocks - and the number of "units" in each block - and went from there -

And since I know that my die cut "units" will finish at 4" -

I can figure out how big it's going to be -

Easy, peasey - ;))

Then it dawned on me that I could do what any self-respecting computer owner would do - I could "Google" it - so I did - ;))

Most of what I found was about the "TRIP Around the World" Quilt - which is not the same thing. This quilt is a variation of the Drunkard's Path block with an unusual configuration. I finally found a similar one at The Quilt Index - HERE - made and quilted by -

Crowl, Bertha T. Clark. Drunkard's Path. 1976-1999. From Indiana State Museum, Indiana Quilt Registry Project. Published in The Quilt Index, Accessed: 09/12/2016

No pattern is given - and I'm not sure it's the same one - but it's close enough - and the year is about right. I've had that pattern on my "To Do List" for a LOOOOONG time - and that "Access" info is probably me - ;))

Oh, and I made another Scrap Card and Scrap Heart for
Bandit - The One-Eyed Cat -

I know it's not a quilt - but it's something that I made - so I'm adding it to my Memory Quilt anyway. And one of these days I have to figure out just what I'm going to do with all of those hearts that I have been accumulating -

I have a couple of ideas - but I need to settle on one - and just DO it - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I am really curious to see the quilt you make out of these Drunkard's Path blocks. I like the quilt you looked at on quilter's index.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Me, too - haha - the layout/configuration will be similar to the one that Bertha T.Clark Crowl made. I'm hoping that mine will be as beautiful as hers is - ;))


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