Sunday, December 17, 2017

Cutting Squares and HST using the LEFT-EZE™ Rule

Is simple - ;))

I started with some 2" pre-cut strips -

Trimmed the end to straighten the edge - this way -

Or I could do it this way -

Lining up the strip between ANY two parallel lines -

Cut a 2" square using the 2" mark on the LEFT-EZE™ Rule -
(It will finish at 1-1/2" - but I think that's TMI - ;)

Measured off another 2" square -

Until I ran out of strip -
Granted, it was a short strip - but I only wanted two - ;))

For the HST - I grabbed the other two 2" strips -

Layered them Right Sides Together (RST) -
To give me 2 HST that will be "mirror" images -

Trimmed the end -

Turned the strip around so that the trimmed end was on the RIGHT -

Lined up the LEFT-EZE™ Rule with the little black tip at the TOP of the strip -
And the BOTTOM of the strip on the 2" line -
Cut UP the LEFT side of the ruler - from bottom left to top right -
The black tip is a dog-ear that is automatically cut off because I used a strip -

Turned the ruler around with the black tip at the BOTTOM of the strip -
And the 2" line at the TOP of the strip -

Cut straight UP the LEFT side of the ruler -

Opened them out with the "flat" ends in the middle -
And they can be "wings" for the 2" strip -
HINT - They will fit together automatically -
because I used the same size strip for both the squares and the HST - ;))

And - if I fold the left HST over onto the top of the square -
The flat top lines up with the edge of the square -

I turn them around when I go to sew them - so the flat tip is at the bottom -
The top lines up with the other end of the square -
And I prefer to sew from that end toward the flat tip -

Ran them through -

Pressed them open -

Time to add the other "wing" -
Fold it down on top of the square -
And the bottom of the HST lines up with the side of the square -

I turned it over to start sewing at the flat end of the square -

Ran those through -

Pressed them open -

Now I have two squares with "wings" -
I could cut a HST using a 3-1/2" strip -
And attach it to the other side -
(The whole thing would finish at 3" - but I think that's TMI - ;))

Or sew them together - ;))

And that's how I cut squares and HST using my handy-dandy super-duper
LEFT-EZE™ Rule - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Frog Quilter said...

Thanks for the visuals. I still cut from the left side lol.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Frog Quilter -
Have you tried cutting from the RIGHT side?
It's a LOT easier - HONEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Try it - you might like it - LOL - ;))

Gene Black said...

Ha ha... I think both of you mean the "end" (of the strip) not the "side" - right?
As long as it is easy and efficient, that is what counts.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Picky, picky, picky - LOL - ;))
Yes, we mean the "end of the strip".

Frog Quilter starts at the LEFT end of the strip - and cuts the diagonal "back-handed" - which works for her.

I recommend starting at the RIGHT end of the strip - and making the diagonal cut along the LEFT side of the ruler - from Bottom Left to Top Right.

But whatever floats your boat - do what works for you!!! - ;))


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