Tuesday, December 19, 2017

One more thing -

On my last post - Cutting Squares and HST using the LEFT-EZE™ Rule - HERE -

There is a part where I said -


Now I have two squares with "wings" -
I could cut a HST using a 3-1/2" strip -
And attach it to the other side -
(The whole thing would finish at 3" - but I think that's TMI - ;))


How did I KNOW that a 3-1/2" strip would work???????

Because my handy-dandy super-duper LEFT-EZE™ Rule told me so - ;))

Let me explain -

I designed the LEFT-EZE™ Rule with horizontal lines every 1/2" -

The INCH lines are numbered while the 1/2" lines are not -

I thought that numbers on the 1/2" lines would just clutter up the design and make the ruler more confusing than it needed to be - too much information (TMI) -

I tried to keep it SIMPLE -

And thought that it is/was easy enough to figure out that the 3-1/2" line is the one HALF-WAY between the 3" line and the 4" line - ;))

Anyway -

After I made the two squares with "wings" -

I simply put the LEFT-EZE™ Rule on top of it -

With the black triangle tip at the top -

And the bottom of the "unit" on a line -

Then I marked the bottom of the "unit" and the line with a post-it note -

Removed the ruler -

And checked the line that was marked with the post-it note -

It was on the 3-1/2" line -

SO - if I used a pre-cut 3-1/2" strip - I could cut a HST from it - and it would fit perfectly! - ;))

Now I know that designers/pattern writers always talk in terms of "finished" unit size - and that's all well and good - because when they design a quilt they want to know how big the unit will be in the "finished" quilt -

But I get confused with "cut" size and "sewn" size and "finished" size -

And I don't really care about the "finished" size -

When I want to follow a pattern -

Or have a pile of strips that I want to use -

Because that is way too much information - TMI - ;))

All I want to know is -

What SIZE PRE-CUT STRIP do I want/need to make the unit?

I can use the SIZE CHART to find the finished size the designer/pattern writer is talking about -

And then to find the STRIP SIZE that I want/need -

Once I have that -

I'm good to go - ;))

All I need to do is gather my strips - and my ruler -

The strips are PRE-CUT -

And the LEFT-EZE™ Rule has numbers for the STRIP SIZE -

Because that's the only number that matters - ;))

I think sometimes SIMPLE is better - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -

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Gene Black said...

I agree. If I need to figure out the finished size of a quilt - I can do that. But for a pattern, the finished size should be in the pattern already.
I need to know that if I am trimming up the block it needs to be 3 1/2" - if you put "3 inch finished" and I trim it to that - my quilt will be a mess.
I have had that issue with die cut quilt pieces - some are "finished size" and some are "cut size" - -totally easy to mess it up that way.


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