Monday, September 6, 2021

Another lazy day -

With no sewing - 
But a bit of puzzle play - 
My daughter did more on "her" side - 

Than I did on "my" side - 

But I did do most of those pink flowers in the middle - 
At the bottom of "her" side - 

So maybe I'll sew tomorrow - 

If I can find my mojo - 

It looks like she took off again - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Puzzle time is good for our brains, I am sure of it. I have to laugh at the two of you each having a "side" of the puzzle. Mom and I switch up and do whatever we can make work. It is fun to do a puzzle with someone else.

Katie said...

Your mojo will come back, and when it does...look out! I'm giggling with Gene about having "sides" of a puzzle. Because, when I was a kid, my mom would select a puzzle for my brothers and I to work on over Christmas break. She would set it up in the living room (not often used, as the TV and such were in the family room) and encourage us to work on it. I don't remember whining about being bored, but I'm sure this was a tactic of hers to avoid that. (Between that an an early love of reading she instilled in me, I always had something to do because she would make sure we always had books, too.) Anyways, if we worked together, it was always a bratty sibling challenge to try to find pieces that fit in the area someone else was working on. (We also had the option to fight to the death with our siblings instead of being bored, so...) So having your own side that is respected makes me laugh. We still do this, though it is less likely to end in a bleeding sibling...she has one out when we come for Thanksgiving and Christmas, though we often just end up chatting and the puzzle is ignored. At my house, I have cats. (She has cats, too, but they're better trained I guess?!)

Sue said...

Less chance of getting in each other's way if you have a side each.


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