Friday, October 22, 2010

Feeling better today...

(11/16/10 - Imported from old blog - Quilt Bum - no relation to Marianne Fons - and re-edited.)

Hi guys -

I have been fighting a cold/flu thing for a while.  I'm feeling much better today.  It took long enough!  I didn't get much done in the last week - but I did manage to do some sewing - between naps, of course.

First - I got the placemats all together into a top - turned out to be about 41" x 45".  Not bad.  I only used 7 of them - so the extra one will probably be - drum roll, please - a placemat!!  I'm going to practice my free motion quilting on it - like I was going to do in the first place!

Anyway - I may use this as the back for my other little table topper - make it kinda reversible - haven't decided yet.  But for now, it's going on top of my "unquilted tops" pile - 'cuz I'm getting a little tired of working with blue and yellow.  I get bored easily.  And besides - Halloween is coming and I want to work on something "Halloweeny" right now.

So I dug out a charm pack to play with - Pungkin Peers by Julie Dobson Miner - Studio E Fabrics - really cute.  And my book - Rotary Cutting Revolution by Anita Grossman Solomon.  I wanted to try her "No Waste Windmill Block".  She makes them with 8" blocks but I figured I could resize it for 5" charms - so here goes.

Here we have the first pile all nice and cut -

And the second stack ready to go -


Oh, well - guess they're going to be a bit short.  Not the first time I screwed up the cutting - so I figured it was time for another nap.  (Naps - funny how I hated them when I was a little kid - now they are one of my favorite things.)

Later - I put them up on my design wall - 4 x 4 -
Not bad - how about 6 x 3 ? -

Yeah, I like that better - more like a table runner or placemat - depending on how big it turns out.  I love how quilts decide how big they want to be.  This one already decided it wanted to be smaller - or I wouldn't have screwed up the cutting - don't you think?

Anyway - I put the extra (short) pieces up to fill the holes - and got this -

I'm really liking how it looks.  Now I'll sew it together and see how big it wants to be.  Then I'll decide on borders - or not.  Stay tuned.

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