Sunday, October 10, 2010


(11/16/10 - Imported from old blog - Quilt Bum - no relation to Marianne Fons - and re-edited.)

It's going to be a VERY, VERY special day - it just has to be with that date - don't you think?

I wonder what Monk is doing today!

FMQA Status Update - I finally basted my FMQA practice quilt yesterday.
I can't tape the back to the floor anymore because even if I can get myself down there - I sure as hell can't get myself back up!!  So no crawling around on the floor for me these days.  Instead, I decided to tape the backing to the top of my kitchen island (38" x 76").  I didn't have the blue painter's tape - all I had was the purple kind - so when I flipped it over - it was all wrinkled and looked like CRAP!!!  UGH!!!

So what to do??  Redo it??  Go to the store to buy some blue tape??  What??

I took a break - put the practice quilt on my cutting table and paid the bills.  When I paperclipped the bills together - to give to my husband to mail - I had a flash of brilliance.  At least I think it was brilliant!!  I could paperclip the backing to my cutting mat!!  So I did!!  The paperclips held the backing right where I wanted it - and the extra fabric just folded under the mat.  Brilliant!!

I did the top section first - I didn't have to paperclip the batt or the top - just the backing to keep it smooth and to keep it from shifting.  I layered and smoothed the batting and the top - and pinned them all together. 

Then I removed the paper clips and clipped the bottom section.

I made sure that the top part was paper clipped in a section that had already been pinned.  (You can't really see the paper clips in the photo - but trust me - they are there.)

And I just let the extra on the top - the part that was already pinned - hang over the edge of the mat and cutting table.

Then I paperclipped the bottom section of the backing.  (Yeah, I came up short on the green backing fabric and had to add a strip of white to make it longer.  I'm pretending that I did it on purpose.)

When it was all pinned and the paperclips were removed - it looked much better..........

And I did the practice pads too - while I was at it.............

Next step - Wiggles!!  What a great name - sounds like fun!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew..................

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