Thursday, January 20, 2011

I'm a flippin' lefty!!

Remember back in November when I "went surfin" and found some left-handed stuff that I told you about??

Remember I said then that I wanted a mug that said -  

I'm a Flipping Lefty! - ??

Well - I couldn't find one - so I made one.

I changed the format/caps/punctuation just a bit - but it still says the same thing -

I'm a flippin' lefty!!

and then just 'cuz I felt like it - I made a T-Shirt to go with it!!

Sometimes - if you want it done right - you just gotta do it yourself!!

So - check these out -

First - the mug
  • When a lefty holds it - it says "I'm a flippin' lefty!!"
  • When anyone else holds it - either the mug or the writing should be upside down!! (If I did it right correctly!)

Second - the T-Shirt
  • The lefty who wears the T-Shirt can read it by merely looking down!!
  • To anyone else reading the T-Shirt - the writing is upside down!!
I got the idea for the mug when I was "surfin" and remembered all the "flippin'" I do when I try to use a right-handed ruler.

I got the idea for the T-shirt from my Grandson #3.  When he was little - he had a shirt that had a huge "9" on it.  He was learning his numbers and one day we were talking about his "9" shirt.  He looked down - and said - "No, it's not a "9" - it's a "6"!!

Talk to you later - gotta go - 

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