Wednesday, January 5, 2011

LHQ - Story & Photos

In my post - LHQ - Scrapbook - Overview - I briefly mentioned -

STORY - I set them up in WORD - made them skinny - like a newspaper column and put as much info about the quilt as I can. If it gets too long - two pages - I just make the column wider to keep it to one page. It helps to keep notes as you go along - for dates and such. Then I print it out - cut it up - and stick it in the plastic holder.

The stories I write look very much like the one I wrote for "SANTA'S SISTERS". The story I wrote for "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS" was for the blog only - and was rewritten for my scrapbook. I try to keep the font/format/style similar so that the scrapbook has a moderately uniform look. It's fun to write about the process - what you did - why you did it - what your inspiration was - what problems came up that you had to deal with - whatever you want your "reader" to know. I think my grandchildren might someday want to know this stuff - at least I hope so. If not - the stories will serve as reminders to myself as I get older of the wonderful time I had making all of my quilts!!

And don't forget PHOTOS - you can't have too many photos!!

I love the "in progress" shots as well as a good photo of the front of the quilt - the back - and a close-up detail shot that shows the quilting..

Here are some photos of "CHRISTMAS LIGHTS" in progress -

the yellow/green block -

the red block - with the corners at "First Base" and "Third Base" -

and all of the blocks on the design wall in the hallway - before the borders were added -

a photo of the quilt hanging on the wall behind the sofa in the family room -

and a detail shot - showing the fabric and quilting -

Unfortunately, this is one of those quilts that has no photos of the backing "in progress". Who knows what I was thinking!! I usually always take pictures as I go along. And, of course, I have no photos of the completed back - because we hung it on the wall for Christmas - when we should have hung it "backwards" first so I could take a picture of the back. Oh, crap!! Now I will have to wait until we take it down (and put it back up "backwards") before I can take the photo.

(And the photos I took of the UFO quilts on my bed - they are simply awful!! Those will have to be retaken when I can get the quilts properly hung above the sofa. BUT - I'm still counting them done as UFOs - they DO have photos - I never said that they had to be GOOD ones!!)

Talk to you later - gotta go -

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