Thursday, January 13, 2011

UFO - "DONE" Photos

Hi there -

Last Sunday - some of you may have noticed that I "un-posted" all of my Left-Handed Quilting posts (and the LHQ Page).  (New readers may want to check out the tab above.)  I had the intention of re-doing them and making them better - more informative - and hopefully more useful to other Lefties out there in blogland.  I was going to re-edit them and then re-post them in "a day or so" - or so I thought.  Then I got side-tracked - my LIFE got in the way. (Don't get me wrong - I LOVE my life.  It just sometimes doesn't allow for much blogging.)  Here it is Thursday already - and I have not "re-done" anything!!  So much for good intentions!!

So -

I have re-posted all of the old posts - and re-published the Left-Handed Quilting Page - with all of the old links to all of the old posts.  No changes to any of it - it's all just "back" - the way it was last week.  Any changes to the old stuff will just have to evolve as this blog goes on.

I'm going to try to go back to my revised plan - and just show you how I do it - as I go along and try to make progress on my UFO's.  Here again - it may not be the best way - the easiest way - or whatever - it's just the way I do it - and have been doing for years.  It works for me.

I also want to update my "Quilt Journal Page" to include the rest of my quilts.  The list goes back to 1976 - so it may take a while to get that done.  Maybe I can do a year or two at a time - I'll have to see how that goes. 

And just to show you how awful those photos are that I told you about in my last post - here are the ones I consider DONE so far this year -

Space - The New Frontier (Front)

Space - The New Frontier (Back)

Space - The New Frontier (Detail)

Big & Bold (Front)

Big & Bold (Back)

Big & Bold (Detail)

Serenity (Front)

Serenity (Back)

Serenity (Detail)

Topsy Turvy (Front)

Topsy Turvy (Back)

Topsy Turvy (Detail)

Springtime - Mystery Quilt (Front)

Springtime - Mystery Quilt (Back)

Springtime - Mystery Quilt (Detail)

Christmas Lights - already has photos posted.

Next up - I want to finish the Pillowcases (5) - Scrap Cards and Hearts.  The labels are already done 'cuz I used the pre-made store-bought ones the kids like that say "Grandma Loves Me".  I put them on everything I make for them.  I think it's kinda cool that they go looking for that label as soon as I give them a new quilt.  And when they use it - they know that Grandma does, indeed, LOVE them!!


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Heather said...

How funny Kitty! I was just on your blog a few days ago looking for your post about how you set up your scrapbook (fantastic ideas!). I couldn't figure out why they were missing. Now I know!

mainer said...

Your quilts are nice. Do you do your own quilting? It is beautiful.

Kitty said...

Hi mainer -

Sometimes I do my own quilting - but -

NO - I did not quilt these quilts.

I sent this batch to my friend, Mary, who quilted them on her long-arm machine. She does a wonderful job for me and sends them back looking beautiful!! (YAY for long-arm quilters!!)

I did - however - do the hand-quilting on the quilt shown in the photo above "About Me". It is one of my favorite quilts - and one of my "best" - having won several blue ribbons. One of these days - I'll do a post about it.

Thanks for asking - I like reading comments. They let me know that I'm not just talking to myself...;)



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