Friday, December 2, 2011

LHQ - Orca Bay - Part 3 - For Lefties

LHQ - Orca Bay - Part 3 - For Lefties

Note - these instructions are written in LEFTISH.
If you are right-handed - just reverse the directions.

Bonnie Hunter - Quiltville - posted Clue #3 this morning -


We’re back to the blacks and neutrals -

And making Half-Square Triangle units that finish at 1-1/2”

She uses the Easy Angle Ruler -

And 2” strips -


Her photos are RIGHT-HANDED -

So -

I’m posting some for LEFT-HANDED QUILTERS -

TIHIDI - This Is How I Do It -



Layer your 2” strips - right sides together - neutral on top - 

(I used some blue strips for this test - 'cuz they were handy - ;))

And then starting at the RIGHT end of the strip -

Turn the ruler so that “Easy Angle” is reading from BOTTOM to TOP -

Line up the RIGHT side of the ruler with the RIGHT edge of the strip -

And position it so that the 2” mark is on the BOTTOM edge of your strip -

Then cut along the LEFT side of the ruler


Turn the ruler so that “Easy Angle” is reading from TOP to BOTTOM -

Line up the RIGHT side of the ruler with the RIGHT edge of the strip -

And position it so that the 2” mark is on the TOP edge of your strip

Then cut along the LEFT side of the ruler -

Continue across the width of the strip

Sew the diagonal seam -

Press toward the black triangle -

The sewn unit should measure 2" square -
It will finish at 1-1/2"

Does that make sense?

Hope so.

Please be sure to try a test block or two before you cut ALL 350 pairs!!

You want to make sure the cuts are right

And that the unit comes out to the right size.

And that I didn't screw up somehow. ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I have to ask - did you do RRCB too?
    I think it's all those large number of small pieces that keep me from starting on these. All the people who do these are my hero!

  2. Katie M. -
    Nope - didn't think I had enough neutrals to try that one - turned out I didn't - BUT I DID DO her "Christmas Lights" one that was in a magazine a couple of years ago - don't remember the link or date - but check my Quilt Journal page - I posted about it. It turned out AWESOME!! And they are not nearly as hard as they look - just a bunch of pieces!! Inch by inch - block by block - it eventually gets done - but I enjoy the PROCESS and you know how I am about UFOs - who CARES if I ever finish it - I have to have SOMETHING to do, right?? ;))

  3. You're a star! I've completed twelve string blocks......I'm keeping my Slow Poke Quilter card that way.

  4. I used to use one of these till I was veering off too much and found the paper from triangles on a roll stabilized things. Still have it but use it more for cutting the angled join when sewing on quilt binding.

  5. Linda J. -

    When I read your comment - a couple of things came to mind -

    #1 - My problem with this ruler is in getting my cuts straight - mine seem to be a sliver too big or a sliver too small. I think that it might be my lighting - and the shadows it casts - but I'm not entirely sure.

    #2 - I use the pointy end of a cheapo wooden cuticle stick - from Walmart - as a stiletto - to help keep me from veering off the end.

    #3 - Triangles on a roll are great - I use them when I only need one or two of a set - or when I'm too lazy to pull out my die cutter.

    #4 - Cutting the angled join - I cut my bindings straight - I would rather have 1/2" of bulk than a 3-1/2" seam from a diagonal join.

    Aren't you glad that there is ALWAYS more than one way to do something? ;))


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