Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa Came -

Hope you all had a VERY MERRY Christmas!!

We had a TERRIFIC visit “away” - and

Santa came - Santa came!!

We had presents and presents and more presents -

And FOOD - oh, man - the FOOD!!

I ate enough to last me a week!! ;))

We got a lovely new ornament for our tree -
Isn’t this the cutest little “Button” ball??
(The photo is a bit fuzzy - but it's still way cute!!)

My Other Half got a ton of fishing stuff -

And I got a ton of quilting stuff -

EXACTLY what I wanted!! ;))

Except for the die - so I ordered that this morning - ;))

When it comes in - I’ll be able to cut the 700 TRIANGLES for Part 5 -

In the meantime -

I’m going to try to cut the squares for Part 6 before Friday -

And finish up some more of the parts on my “Not Done Yet“ list -

Wish me luck - ;))

And -

Because BOB was having trouble getting to sleep the other night - waiting for Santa ;)) - she was thinking about Orca Bay - and just might have a solution to the mystery. She doesn’t want to share it here - just in case she’s right - she doesn't want to spoil anything - but you can visit her at Quilter BOB - here - if you want to.

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Yay @ your quilting stuff. Love the button ornament. Glad you had a good Chrissy. Had a good one here, too.

  2. Beautiful fabrics. You could be happy with them. Happy New Year!

  3. Looks like a great pile of quilty goodness! I guess Santa missed the message about the die? Ah well, he does have quite a few other people to remember...good thing you know where the credit card is! I like your idea for Orca Bay, too. I'm excited to see how it comes together.

  4. Wishing you luck. I am not looking forward to cutting more triangles but....

    Here is my status -

    I hope to get a little more done today, but the laundry is piling up.


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