Friday, December 16, 2011

O Christmas Tree!


It’s my FAVORITE holiday!!

We put our Christmas tree up a few years ago -

And have never taken it down!!


Our Christmas tree is up year-round -

And I LIKE it that way!!

It all started when we bought a beautiful pre-lit fiber optic Christmas tree -
One year at Walmart

We took it out of the box -
Set it up -
Arranged all of the branches -
And decorated it with all of our ornaments -

The BEST part was -

We didn’t have to mess with the LIGHTS!!

The LIGHTS were already ON the tree!!

But -

When it came time to take the tree down -
We hesitated -

How were we going to get that HUGE Christmas tree -
Back into that little bitty box -
Without breaking some of those beautiful fiber optic lights??

The answer was - we weren’t!!

So - the decision was made -
We weren’t even going to try to get it back in the box -
We were going to just leave it where it was!!

And we did!!

That tree has been up for years -
And will continue to be up for as long as we live in this house.

The only difference between Christmas and the rest of the year -
Is that we turn the lights ON at Christmas.

Besides - it’s in the perfect corner of the living room -

People don’t even notice it when they come to visit -
Until they leave -

As they walk in -
It’s over their left shoulder -
Because the doorway is at an angle - (to the left of the tree) -
And they always head off to the right toward the family room/kitchen

It isn’t until they leave -
And head back to the front door -
That they even see the tree -
And that's when we tell them that it’s up because we couldn’t get it back in the box.

They think we’re kidding -

But we’re not - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

Makes sense to me! If you have the room, why not!? But have you thought about getting 'seasonal' decorations for the tree? Decorate it for the different seasons... Oh, my, if I had the room, I could see me doing this!

Linda said...

Oh how I wish we had a corner that I could do that too. But we do at least the next best thing. I take off all the breakables and garlands and then hubby just carries the whole tree downstairs and sets it in the storage room. It really isn't that hard to's just the rearranging the furniture and all that prep work that I dread. Actually it's more the thought than the doing. lol guess I best get to it!

Editfolt said...

Beautiful christmas tree.

Julie Fukuda said...

I have a friend that does that and has all kinds of seasonal decorations. I loke the Halloween ones because that is my birthday.

Katie said...

Do you have a big closet that's relatively empty? Who am I're a quilter...of course you don't - it's full of fabric, right? But, growing up, my mom had a friend who put her whole tree - lights, ornaments, the whole shebang - in a closet and then just got it out every year and adjusted things as necessary. So it was out of the way, but she didn't have to fuss with lights either (and this was WAAAAAY before trees came pre-lit)! We don't do a Christmas tree. We have an Emma. She's a wonderful cat, but even at 7 years old, still probably thinks her full name is Emma-No. I'm absolutely sure she'd climb and knock over any tree as many times as I'd pick it up, so we just celebrate without the tree. And it sounds like you're making up for me not having a tree by displaying yours year-round, so we'll call it even! (Though my mom insists it's not Christmas without the tree...) It's a beautiful tree, too, so why not leave it up!

Sue said...

I love it! Your tree looks awesome. Are you the musical one in your family? I spotted the keyboard. ;)


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