Tuesday, June 18, 2013

BOB's friend -

BOB has told you about -
Her handicapped friend before - HERE -

My friend has a degenerative nerve disease -
That makes her leg virtually useless -
Which makes it difficult to walk and stand -

She wears a leg brace -
But cannot stand for more than a couple of minutes -
Before her back begins to hurt - big time -

She wears a diaper -
Because the disease has made her totally incontinent -

She uses a scooter to get around -
IF she leaves her house at all -
Which she has done -
Exactly 6 times this YEAR -

She cannot travel -
As wheelchair accessibility -
And scooter accessibility -
Are two entirely different things -
And handicapped bathrooms are few and far between -
And usually occupied by able-bodied women -

Anyway -
She has been following along -
On Bonnie Hunter’s trip to Ireland -
Wishing that she could have gone too -

And since she has no email or blog -
She has asked me to tell the group -
How very sorry she is -
That they were inconvenienced -
By the scaffolding at the Rock of Cashel - HERE -
that didn’t help those of us who were sad not to see the original cross of St Patrick!
And that they had to settle for a quick walk around the outside -

So sad - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. ;o(
    If I could .... I'd tell your friend to consider doing what I've done. After reading Bonnie's blog every day for a very long time I came to realize that I was getting a bit tired of the self-absorbed boring stuff she posts over and over.
    Sooooo I removed her from my daily blog reading and will only follow closely when she posts a new mystery (those I do like).
    Now I'm content that I don't feel the need to read her every day .... and I'm positive that she is oblivious that I've made this decision. LOL
    Works for both of us! ;-)

    1. Thanks for the comment -
      but if you didn't go look -
      or didn’t check the links -
      you don't know that the scaffolding was there because of major renovations going on to make the castle and surrounding areas handicapped accessible - ;))

  2. I had to check your link since I did what Linda did! Ugh.


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