Tuesday, June 25, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 6/25/13

Here’s to Pattern Writers -
Who don’t furnish the FINISHED size of BASIC UNITS needed -

May they realize that there are different ways to make UNITS -
And that I may prefer another way - ;))


Patterns normally provide the FINISHED size of the QUILT -

And the FINISHED size of the BLOCK -

Which is GREAT - ;))

But sometimes the blocks include BASIC UNITS -

Such as HST -


4-Patches -

And Flying Geese -

And some pattern writers do not provide -

The FINISHED size of THOSE units -

And I REALLY wish that they would - ;))

I think that patterns with cutting diagrams are great -

IF I want to make it that way - ;))

But I also have some dies -

And Thangles(TM) -

And Triangulations(TM) -

And other tricks -

That I could/would USE -

If I knew the FINISHED size of the BASIC UNITS I needed -

To make the quilt - ;))

Lucky for me -

I can do the MATH -

And figure it out -

But it would be nice -

If the pattern writer provided the information -

So that I could spend my time -

SEWING instead - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


Katie said...

I hear you, but seriously I'd just like it if they'd tell me what size the whole quilt SHOULD finish, not to lay it out and measure it 43 times. (They clearly do not have any helpful cats around their house...) If nothing else, it would be nice to know what size quilt I'm making before I start (sorry but "queen" doesn't always cut it). Good thing I can do math too. :)

Linda said...

I soooo agree!! Especially for a new quilter trying to do the best they can with a pattern. Sometimes those little details can really throw a wrench into their project. So in my opinion... if a person thinks they are good enough to write a pattern they need to write it right! And clearly!
There you go... my 2¢

Linda J said...

Whole heartedly agree with you on this one. In fact, I have been griping about this stuff for week now, LOL. Just yesterday in fact. You may have seen it. Would it kill you to say what size the block SHOULD finish. Instead I had to make a trial block to strike the measurement and decide that yes, I did NOT want to do it their way.

This is not rocket science but having to make trial blocks, do the math takes time that could be used to sew. Just like you said, a LHQ.

Julie Fukuda said...

And, for those of us who make templates and draw around them for hand piecing, it might save the time it takes to draw the whole thing out on graph paper to the desired scale and then cut patterns.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie - I TOTALLY AGREE!! - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - what is they say? - It's ALL in the details - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - You KNOW I agree with you - ;)) And I saw your gripe today - maybe if we all gripe loudly enough and often enough - they will pay attention - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Julie - that's a VERY good point! Those who piece by hand wouldn't use their cutting diagrams anyway - but would SURE use the FINISHED SIZE information - if it were provided - ;))


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