Tuesday, July 16, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 7/16/13

Here’s to Connecting Threads -

May they bring back their beautiful VARIEGATED thread - ;))


One Christmas many years ago -

I was given (not gifted) -

Several spools of Connecting Threads VARIEGATED thread - ;))

Top row - Country - Fall
Middle row - Warm Neutral - Purple
Bottom row - Ocean - Cool Neutral

They are/were absolutely gorgeous colors -

And it was a wonderful gift - ;))

Since I am down to one spool of each color -

I recently tried to replenish my supply -

From Connecting Threads website - HERE -

But VAREIGATED thread is no longer available -

Only SOLID color thread!! - ;))

I don’t WANT solid color thread -

I HAVE solid color thread -

I WANT/NEED some more of their VARIEGATED thread -

But they don’t sell it anymore -

And I REALLY wish that they did - ;))

Maybe we should start a campaign -

Contact Customer Service - HERE -

And ask them nicely to -

PLEASE bring back your beautiful VARIEGATED thread.
Thank you.

I REALLY would like to see it again - ;))

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


Cindy Quilts said...

I have been using Coats and Clark Star variegated thread. I have good luck with it.
Here is a link: http://store.quilting-warehouse.com/thread-coats---clark-starmercerizedvarigated.html
I don't know how the price compares to what Connection Threads charged since they stopped selling variegated thread before I found them.
I did contact Customer Service and request that they bring it back.

Katie M. said...

It totally frustrating to find a product you love just to discover they no longer carry it. I wonder who manufacturers their threads? I'd bet you could get it from them :-)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks for the link - and for contacting CT to request that they bring it back. I don't remember how much it cost at the time. I really didn't pay any attention - it was a gift and I figured that I would just replace it when I ran out - silly me - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

That's a great idea, Katie - ;)) And I think that we should call it the "Twinkie" syndrome - haha. The same thing happened to us recently with a certain brand of Sweet & Sour sauce that we really like - it's no longer made. And then there was the Apricot pancake syrup - one company bought the other - got the recipe - and chooses not to make it. Now CT chooses not to carry their variegated thread. Maybe they will all reconsider like the makers of the "Twinkie" did - ;))

Linda said...

Oh wow!! I bet this could mean that I could probably get a pretty penny if I chose to sell the box of assorted variegated I have stashed away. Hummmmm?? ;o)

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Oh wow!! You have a box stashed away?? - ;))

Linda C said...

Oh I see Linda might be launching into wheeler dealer mode here?? LOL It does look like lovely thread. I use this stuff all the time but mostly in the neutral colors. The colored thread is luscious looking but not if you are pining for something else that is now long gone. I'll send a request as help the cause.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda!! - ;))


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