Sunday, July 28, 2013

Making a mess -

Since I last showed you the 92 LHQSQ blocks on the wall -

There has been a slight change in plans - ;))

I had said that the NEXT four were all cut and kitted -

And that is partly true -

They ARE all cut and kitted -

But they will not be the NEXT four blocks -

They will be the LAST four - ;))

Instead - the NEXT three blocks -

Will be from my bloggy buddy - KatieM’s -

Mystery Quilt - Four Corners - HERE - ;))

She graciously gave me permission to re-size them -

And to use them in my LHQSQ -

Thanks, Katie!! - ;))

These blocks use “units” that I have made before -

And look to me like variations of Block #92 - Tiramisu -

So I thought that they would fit in very nicely -

As Blocks #93 - 94 - and 95 -

And they do - ;))

So I made some HST and some 4-patches -

Some geese -

Got the “units” sewn -

And - while I was at it -

I made a mess to clean up later - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Look at all those little geese units. My Sew Fest ladies were not happy to do so many (160). I'm honored that you're including those blocks in your quilt..

    1. Yeah - those little geese have been keeping me busy this week- ;)) I figured that they wouldn't be too bad if I did them assembly-line style and had the FPP "chunks" pre-cut. I was right - it wasn't hard - it was just time-consuming with so many of them. The best part was getting them ALL done for all three blocks at the same time - ;))

      Thanks for giving me permission to use your blocks - AND for supplying the "medium" fabric in our last "trade" - ;))

  2. Woohoo! You're almost there! That must be such a rewarding feeling to know you have accomplished this massive project. Good for you.

    1. Thanks, Linda - it does feel good to be so close to the "finish" line - ;))

  3. I love that! Made a mess to clean up later. Woman after my own heart if you use the philosophy that you do not live to clean, tidy is good enough AND you have a husband who does not mind vacuuming. Hooray for being in the home stretch!

    1. Haha - I'm really good at making messes - and tidy IS good enough for me. My philosophy is that "cluttered" is NOT "dirty" - they are two entirely different things - ;))

  4. Greetings from the queen of clutter ... not dirt, that is true!
    I may be slower sewing, but I can make messes just as fast.

    1. Haha - I LIKE making messes - reminds me of making mud pies as a kid - only now I use fabric - ;))


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