Saturday, November 23, 2013

Another wall -

My Other Half helped me put up the felt -

On the other wall in the hallway - ;))

It looked nekkid for a bit -

Until I put up the "Easy Street" blocks -
"Easy Street" (Bonnie Hunter Mystery - HERE )

What I could find without digging too deep - ;))

It's not fancy but it works for me - ;))

I just buy "felt" off the bolt -

It comes 72" wide -

So that goes from top to bottom on the wall -

All I need is a piece the length of the wall - ;))

I put it up with thumbtacks - ;))

I can't pin "into" the wall -

Like you can on some other design walls -

But I can pin blocks to the felt - ;))

I try not to scratch the wall behind it when I pin -

But if I were to take the felt down -

There are probably a LOT of scratches on the wall - ;))

I don't think that they are any worse -
Than nail holes from pictures -

Just more of them - ;))

A little Spackle and some paint -

Should make the wall "new" again - ;))

After that was taken care of -

I figured out my "assembly" plan for the Top Right Corner section -

I think it will work - ;))

Because I pre-sash my blocks -

And I'm making this up as I go along -

I have to figure out whether to work from the "center - out" -

Or from the "corner - in" -

So that I don't have a "hole" -

At the end where my setting triangle -

Fits in with the cornerstone -

FUN - FUN - FUN - ;))

I think from the "corner - in" will work -

If not -

There may be some "unsewing" in my future - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. Awww I had forgotten how much I love your fabric colors.

    1. Thanks, Linda - they should be a nice change from the red/brown/beige/tan that I've been working with lately - ;))

  2. Felt off the bolt is what I used on my design wall. Works for me.

    1. I love your beautifully mounted version - it looks much nicer and neater than mine. Mine is just "on the wall" - ;))


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