Tuesday, November 19, 2013

BOB's Tuesday Toast - 11/19/13

Here’s to the words “give” and “given” -

May people start using them again - ;))


It used to be -

That you would GIVE a gift -

Now you GIFT something - ;((

It used to be -

That you were GIVEN a gift -

Now it was GIFTED to you - ;((

GIVE used to be a verb - an action word -

GIFT used to be a noun - a thing -

So when did GIFT become a verb? - ;))

The same thing with TASK - ;((

It used to be -

That you gave someone a TASK -

Now you TASK them with something - ;((

It used to be -

That you were given a TASK -

Now you were TASKED with something - ;((

TASK used to be a noun - a thing -

So when did it become a verb? - ;))

I didn’t know that you could make a noun into a verb -

Simply by adding “ED” to it - ;))

And if nouns have become verbs -

Can (not may) we now -

GIFT someone with a TASK? -

Or TASK them with a GIFT? - ;))

I know that language evolves -

But if there is no difference anymore -

Between nouns and verbs -

And if they are used interchangeably -

And if adverbs no longer end in “ly” -

As in Outback's commercial -
Live Adventurous - HERE -

Or end in "ive" (as in addictIVE) -

But can now end in "ing" (as in addictING) -

Which used to be an ending for verbs -

How much longer before -

Any word -

Can be any thing -

And we have no idea what anyone is saying? - ;((

But then again - it’s probably just me - ;))


  1. I told Kari when she called about a college class she's taking - we've become a country of lazy speakers as well as writers. Why use a word when that seems more appropriate if you can get a point across with 'this one'... I received an email from a 'professional' and "educated" person and the email went like this .... how r u doin 2day?... Serirously?! they can't spell anymore either!

    1. I think it all started when "the", "a", and "an" became "articles" instead of "adjectives" - ;))

  2. Hummmm!!! I think I'll just go sew.

  3. And it will get even worse when spell-check passes it up with no little red underline.


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