Thursday, November 7, 2013

QJ - Double Wedding Ring


Machine Pieced
Machine Appliqued
Machine Quilted
Wall hanging
Started - January 8, 2000
Completed - April 2, 2000

Made as an Anniversary gift -

I got a gift certificate from a local quilt shop as a Christmas gift -

So I bought myself a new "toy" -

A 15" Double Wedding Ring Ruler by Mary Russell (c) 1995 - HERE

I used the new ruler and a variety of muted taupes, browns, tans, and greys with a little light blue and pale yellow thrown in to match the recipient’s color scheme.

A pre-quilted muslin piece was perfect for the background because it provided a diagonal grid to help with the placement of the arcs and corner pieces.

Each of the five rings represented five years of marriage -

Happy 25th Anniversary -

On the label we wished them another Happy 25 Years!!

QJ - 2000

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