Friday, August 22, 2014

QJ - 4 "H" Quilts Into One


Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted
Baby Quilts - 4 @ 33" x 33"
Started - June 11, 2000
Completed - 2004

Pattern - "H" block -
Even More Quilts For Baby - Easy as ABC - Pg. 18-19 -
By Ursula Reikes (c) 1993

This quilt started out to be four separate quilts -

The tops were the same black print with a yellow "H" -

The backs were to be different colors -

The one for Grandson #1 was Red -
The one for Grandson #2 was Blue -
The one for Grandson #3 was Green -
And the one for Granddaughter #1 was Turquoise -

Somehow it got lost in the shuffle of Life - and by the time I got back to it - the kids were too big for baby quilts. Since I had already quilted some of them - I sewed them all together to make one big quilt on my new Husqvarna/Viking - Lily 555.

And since I never took a photo of the original quilt - and it has been “loved” to pieces - all I have to show for it is the scrap card -

And the Heart - ;))

QJ - 2004


Katie M. said...

I like the bright, cheery fabrics. With polka dots seeming to be making a come back in fabric lines, I've been on the look out with multi color dots on white - so far a no go.. I had a large piece and have finally used the last of it and no I don't know who the manufacturer was....

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie - it was a FUN quilt to make - because of the colors - ;)) I'll watch for multi color dots on white - and let you know if I find any - ;))


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