Saturday, August 30, 2014

QJ - "Buzz Lightyear"


Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted
Twin Size
Started - November 2003
Completed - March 2004

Made for Grandson #1

Pattern - Log Cabin
Quilts for Baby - Easy As ABC - Pg. 34-35
By Ursula Reikes (c) 1993

Our daughter bought an all-over print featuring "Buzz Lightyear" for Grandson #1 -

He chose the log cabin pattern and the "log" colors from my stash - red - yellow - purple - and black -

I "fussy cut" six "Buzz" squares for the centers of the log cabin blocks and used the rest of the print for the borders -

As I was quilting "in the ditch" - the black fabric began to split and shred!! Oh, great - now what!! It must have been really old fabric or just poor quality - either way, it was too late to replace it. I finished it anyway -

When I gave it to him - I told him that the black would "break" as soon as his mom washed it. When it "broke" - he should give it back to me and I would "fix" it -

Sure enough - by June 2004, the black fabric was totally shredded -

I had a flash of brilliance and sewed pre-packaged black quilt binding on top of the shredded black strips - it was denser - prefolded - and the perfect size!! -
Too bad I didn't think of it sooner - ;))

QJ - 2004


  1. I have had some pretty crappy fabric but never anything that actually shredded before even being used! WOW that had to be some pretty awful stuff :-)

    1. It certainly was a SURPRISE - that's for sure - but knowing how long I've have some of my stash - it was probably just OLD. And I have heard that the dyes that they use to make BLACK fabric are really strong - so maybe that was the reason it shredded so quickly - who knows?? - ;))


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