Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Veteran's Day - 11/11/14

Today is Veteran's Day -

And I want to say THANK YOU!! -

To ALL of the MEN and WOMEN who ARE SERVING -



In our nation's MILITARY - ;))

I am PROUD to have been the daughter of a World War II Veteran - ;))

Yes, I am a baby boomer - ;))

And I am PROUD to have been the wife of a Veteran who served during the Vietnam War era -;))

My husband served before we were married -

So I was never a Military wife -

But my bloggy buddy - Chris (Shared Creativity) was -

And she describes what it was like -

Quite well on her blog - HERE - ;))


When my husband died recently -

I put the VA file in the “Pending” accordion file for later -

I figured -
No VA pension -
And his body was donated to a medical school for research -
So -
No body -
No burial -
No funeral service -

I was wrong - ;))

When I finally got around to actually READING the VA Burial Benefits - HERE -

It turned out that I could apply for several things on his behalf -

A burial flag - HERE - which I got from the post office -

A Presidential Memorial Certificate - HERE -
Pending -

And “In Memory Of” Memorial Headstones and Markers -
Are available to those whose bodies are “donated to science” - HERE - ;))

We will have a Memorial Service soon -

Since I recently found out that his Memorial Marker was approved -

And has been installed - ;))

When I called the cemetery to arrange for the Memorial Service -

And spoke to the Specialist to arrange for the Military Honors -

He told me to bring my husband's flag -

And that an Honor Detail would fold it -

And "present" it to me -

During the ceremony - ;))

Just hearing him say that -

Brought me to tears -

So when we have the Memorial Service -

I know that I will be a blubbering mess - ;))

A VERY PROUD and blubbering mess - ;))

I was able to get him a Memorial Marker in a National Cemetery for Veterans - ;))

We didn't think that we could -

But we didn't read the fine print -

So I think that he would have liked that we actually could -

And did - ;))

And I want to THANK EVERYONE who takes this day -


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I agree, those who serve or have served deserve to be honored.

    1. Thanks, Gene - and those who will serve in the future should know that they will be honored also - ;))

  2. I, too, was an "Army brat", my first husband was in the Air Force and that took me overseas, my current husband of 36 years served in Viet Nam. My G-pa was a military man, my son was in the Army and his son is talking about serving. I guess Patriotism is in our blood.
    As for the Memorial service for your hubby, yes take tissues. I was presented my dad's flag at his burial and it was the most emotional time of the whole day for me. Such a great honor so I'm glad you checked further into the VA benefits.

    1. Me, too - we thought that since there would be no "remains" that there would be no "burial" - there was nothing to bury - but the "In Memory Of" markers are meant for just that purpose - and we are thankful for that - ;))

  3. I am tearing up just reading this post---yes, I am behind catching up with you and still owe you an email. My weepiest moment this month was when my dad sent a picture of the headstone. Just seeing our names etched in stone was rough. Still, I am glad that his site is now properly marked. Your husband deserves the honor but it may be hard to get through it.

    1. Thanks, Linda - It was a beautiful service - and yes, i did lose it several times - but that's OK - we all lost it at various points. And for the time being - only his name is on the marker - but I was told that when my time comes that marker will be destroyed and will be replaced with another one that includes my name - ;))


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