Monday, December 15, 2014

Design Wall Monday - 12/15/14

Check out all of us who link up with Judy L. -
At Patchwork Times on Mondays.
We have some awesome stuff on our walls!
Well, THEY do - ME - not so much sometimes - ;))

So I got it together - ;))

You may not be able to tell from the photos -
And the fabrics kinda blend together -
But the corners and center square are framed with a star -

And the middles are framed in red -

It is REALLY pretty in “real life” - ;))

But I spent most of my time -

Making these -

I finished this one -

And then made this one - the gray version -

And then this one - the blue version -

And an empty waste basket -
With a plastic bag inside -
Serves as my “yarn holder - ;))

Next up is this one -

They are for family - friends - and neighbors -

Who have been SO helpful -

These past few months - ;))


Last week I showed you -

The plaque that BOB wants/needs - ;))

This week I’ll show you -

The one that I want/need -

If you can’t read it -

It says -
We are too broke to
buy anything.
We already know
who we are voting for
Unless you are selling


The little blurb in the catalog says -

"We think our plaque covers ALL the bases!" -

I agree - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

I did see the star and I like it! Knitting scarves - why didn't I think of that (probably because I live in AZ) - scarves are a big thing right now. I saw a bunch in Costco yesterday. The plaque - I think it's great but 'they' probably wouldn't take the time to read it and if 'they' did probably wouldn't think it applied to 'them'....

Linda said...

Love the scarves! You do have a great selection and everyone will love them for sure.
Great finish on the redwork.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Katie - the star is difficult to see - but it's there. For me knitting for Christmas this year is faster than shopping or trying to quilt something - a ball of yarn and a couple hours of my time - I can do that. And you're right about the plaque - "they" probably can't and/or won't read it - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda - I have a few more scarves to make - and I have an idea for how to "wrap" them - so stay tuned. The Christmas redwork blocks were machine embroidered by KatieM - and she did a GREAT job - they were fun to put together - ;))


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